26 October 2009

It's That Time of Year Again

The time of year for boots. *wistful sigh*. Already so far I have spied about 4 pairs of boots I really, really like. Every Autumn/Winter is the same, I go in to town & see the new Winter stock in the shops & without fail, I delight in the new boots that are in.

I really don't care that much for shoes but as everyone who reads this knows, I have a major love affair going on with boots. Ankle boots, knee high boots, thigh boots, pirate boots, shoe boots. ANY boots!

So far this year I have my eye on the below;

Erez Flat Boot from New Look. £35.00. Practial which means I'd get a lot of wear out of them & I think they're a rather timeless style that won't date.

Leather Brogue Boot from New Look. £70.00. I absolutely adore these. But they have a very high heel & I'd need to wait for the sale. And the smallest they do is a size 3... Maybe thick socks would fill the toe up a bit?

Same boot as above but in brown. I actually prefer this colour of the two but black is probably more practical.

Tassle Boot from New Look. £35.00. They're over the knee though & as I have short legs, they'd probably look wrong.

Military Detail Shoe Boot. Again from New Look & £40.00. I absolutely adore these & I really, really want them! I think I might be able to get away with a 3 as they're ankle boots rather than knee boots.

Studded Boot from New Look. £35.00. I actually have a pair very similar to these so I won't be buying them. The only difference with mine is they are not studded & they're real suede otherwise they're quite similar. Very comfy & very practical but still look quite smart with skinny jeans.

Slouch Boots from George@Asda. £18.00. I am definitely getting these. They are much nicer in real life than they look online & the chain detail is really pretty. They look much more expensive than they are, are really nice quality, have a sturdy rubber sole & are practical without being old-fashioned etc. Plus I get £5.00 off the price as I have a voucher!

Cracked Leather Boot. Again these are from Asda & are £20.00. They look much nicer in real life & not nearly so tacky as they look online. However, they are on the right side of sexy & I love them. Especially as they are a good price. Quite a high heel though so not the most practical but they look good, so I don't care that much ;-)
Very tempted...

Same boots as above but in a plum colour. Not nearly so tacky as they look & I am sorely tempted to get both colours. Will have to see what the sales bring or what funds are available.

I think that's it for my Boot Lust this year. Unless I see any more pairs, in which case I will be sure to post them :o)

PS; I am updating my links & so if you link here & I haven't returned the favour, or if you'd like a link from here, then let me know via the comments. Lots of blogs on my links have been closed/archived/died so an update is sorely needed.


cogidubnus said...

Oh god...go for the high heels from Asda darling...who cares about practicalities...they'll make your calves look so smooth and svelte and....(slobber)... Nurse ...Nurse ... he's doing it again...more dried frog pills...quickly...

Anonymous said...

This will not make me popular but all those boots look shite.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi ~ I'm very tempted. Will have to try walking more than three yards in them I think!

Anon ~ In that case, it's a damn good job you won't be the one wearing them :oP

Sage said...

I love the military bootlets.. can't really be called boots if they only come up to your ankles...

Going to have to check out my local asda for those slouch boots that is good value... cheers