3 October 2009

Ohhhh My

Was there ever a better looking man than Mr Butler to walk this earth? As a rule, I'm not one for having a thing for famous actors. 99% of the time I find them too perfect looking & not at all what I consider attractive physical looks in a man. Angelina is welcome to Brad Pitt & the Desperate Housewives can keep Jesse Metcalfe but Mr Butler is a whole other story.....

I am a firm believer that in the main, men absolutely do get better with age and at almost 40, Gerard Butler is most definitely one of those cases.

He is good looking but still retains his masculinity & imperfections (not that there's many!) that make somebody attractive.

Oh yes, the reason for this post? He has beautiful eyes & I have just decided that it's only a matter of time before Gerard comes knocking on my door one morning declaring his undying love for me & realising that actually, I am the only woman for him!*

*Meanwhile, back in the real world, I wake up. Lol

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...


*and breathe*

He is *fine*!!

Have you seen that recent film with him in and Katherine Heigl? I cannot remember the name!!!! It is really good!