1 October 2009


Sequins happen to be this girl's best friend. Top of my wishlist at the moment is a sequin jacket but it's proving hard to track one down. Blazers were not made for petite girls & neither were jackets where the sleeves are about two inches too long. So I am either looking out for a cropped sleeve one or waiting in vain for New Look to update their teen range with a (preferably) midnight blue sequined jacket.

In the meantime I have satisfied my sequin obsession with this beauty;

It's amazing. I have about 5 sequin berets now & considering they can only really be carried off in the Winter, I've had quite a lot of wear out of them.
Everyone else in my family, with the exception of my sister, all think it is hideous. Whereas I think it's one of the best exchanges for a £5 note out there :-)


cogidubnus said...

I certainly wouldn't call it hideous...but you'd need a strong face to carry it off!

Girl*Next*Door said...

True... But I think it looks OK so I'm happy :o)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ooh lovely...I love berets :) xxx