28 November 2009

Fancy Pants

As some will know, I love & adore Agent Provocateur & Myla lingerie but on my budget, it is a case of window shopping only.

So imagine my delight when I took an idle look on ASOS & saw these:

I love them! They are just like the real A.P lingerie & the tutu is seperate to the knickers so they are flirty but practical too. All for the bargain price of £3.00.

And I got these because the colours are great & they are just fun.

Again, these were also £3.00. They are very cute.

I also really like unusual jewellery. I don't like paying too much for stuff in case it breaks or I lose it so this perfume bottle pendant at £6.00 was too good to miss. It goes really well with the unicorn pendant below & a silk chiffon blouse I have.

And lastly, the unicorn pendant. I love the horse aspect of it but also it's quite quirky. And cheap at £3.00.

I was debating on whether or not to get this as well as the perfume bottle because I need to stretch the pennies at the moment but I really liked them & I'm glad I got them as not long after I'd placed the order, the unicorn necklace went out of stock.

I think my favourites are definitely the pink tutu knickers though. Cute, cute, cute. :o)

23 November 2009


I am at the age now where I am starting to realise the value of staple wardrobe items rather than fad fashions.

I admit that I don't like spending loads of money on clothes. It somehow feels 'wrong' & I think I've probably got this from my mum. I do buy clothes but they tend to be in the sale or from outlet type places.

The most I've ever spent on boots is £100 & that was my long leather riding boots. But they are a true investment as I enjoy my riding & I wanted a boot that would last me & last me & with care my boots still look as good as new.

I see lots & lots of things I like when it comes to fashion but when push comes to shove, I find it difficult to splash the cash on something unless I can honestly justify it.

Anyway, this year I have been scouring the shops for a decent Winter coat. I have plenty of dress coats but they are just that & useless for actually keeping me warm. I have to be careful what I look for because as much as I may like something, particularly a coat, when it comes to trying it on I look swamped in it. The arms are very often too long & the proportions aren't right.
I also wanted a style that wouldn't date & one that was at least 50% wool but that wasn't heavy or bulky.

I was beginning to give up until I found this...

Stud Trophy Jacket

I love it. I got it in an 8 as that way, I can wear jumpers underneath it as well as just a top. The arms will definitely be too long but a dressmaker is a friend of the family so I'm sure if I speak to her nicely, she'll alter it for me :o)

Another bonus is, my mum let me get it on her account card which I'm very glad of because otherwise I would not have been able to afford it!

I can't wait for it to arrive. I just hope it's as good in real life as it looks on the internet.

I'm so pleased with it!

Track for today - Little Jack Frost

22 November 2009


I do get hay fever in Summer & it seems to be getting worse & worse each year. The puzzle is, why am I still getting hay fever-type symptoms in November? Sniffly nose, random attacks of sneezing, runny & itchy eyes.

I'm thinking I'm allergic to something or someone.

It's either;

Dogs. Not too likely as I wasn't allergic to Sam last year.

Dust mites. Never had any problems before with them though.

Flowers. My mum loves them & has one or two massive vases in the living room/hallway.

My horse. This option does not bear thinking about to be honest.

The sister. Not only is this a highly feasible option but also a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel. She's 12 years old & a walking moodswing. I am torn between bashing her over the head with a mallet or just doing the clean & quiet pillow thing ;o)

If indeed I am allergic to her & her flouncing & hair tossing then it's perfectly reasonable to put her down on the 'For Adoption' list.
Or just leave her tied up to a faraway lamp post with a 'Please, do NOT return to sender' sign strung round her neck....

On a serious note, I really do not know why I am still getting hay fever symptoms in Winter & I am just wondering what it might actually be.

Track for today -

I know, it's not even proper music.... Inexcusable & the lyrics are filth but it's got in my head. I usually hate all things GaGa too.

Something is obviously wrong somewhere!

19 November 2009

I ♥ Winter

I love the Winter. It is definitely my favourite time of the year.
Unfortunately, the rest of my family think I am a freak for having this view.
There's so many good things about Winter time, like;

Frosty weather. Walking out of a warm house & in to a sparkling morning or afternoon & having the cold air hit your face is one of the best things.

2. Dark Winter evenings are the perfect excuse to wear sequins & glitter.

3. I have an English Rose complexion. Summer sun turns me a not very fetching shade of red & I get very red cheeks. Winter just makes me look pale & interesting with a rosy glow.

4. I get to wear as many pairs of boots as I please. Although not all at once, obviously.

My fair skin means bright colours don't really suit me. Deep, rich Winter colours look much better.

6. Being able to wrap up in my snuggly jumpers & go for walks.

Burying my cold hands in my horses mane. Even better when I can pretend she actually likes me for me rather than the Polo's I always have in my pocket. Lol

8. Fireworks & bonfires.

9. Christmas is round the corner & hearing little children chatter about Father Christmas is something that would melt the hardest of hearts.

10. The hope of snow.

11. Freezing cold mornings that make you ever greatful for fluffy slipper boots & hot, strong coffee.

12. The Festival is drawing ever closer.

13. Feeling like the only person in the world on a really early, crisp & clear morning.

Bad things about Winter;

Slipping A over T in mud at the stables. Then having to get home with a mud stained rear end. So not a good look.

Slipping in puddles & missing the wet bit by the skin of my teeth. If I had bigger feet I estimate about 67% less slippage would occur!

Being jumped on by a not yet totally trained Irish Setter who leaves sticky, muddy paw prints on my nice cream, knitted hoodie. It's a very good job I love him....

Now the hedged meads renew
Rustic odour, smiling hue,

And the clean air shines and tinkles as the world goes wheeling through;

And my heart springs up anew,

Bright and confident and true.

Robert Louis Stevenson.

Track for today - How Can I Keep From Singing.

17 November 2009

Soldier Boy

I hate feeling negative about this but I can't help it. My brother, the brother who has been a complete twonk the past 10 years has decided to join the army.

He phoned my mum up last night to tell her he wanted to join. I don't know exactly what he is signing up for but his reasons are for a steady job & so that he can try to discipline himself more. He thinks the discipline would be good for him & he thinks he needs to grow up.

I'm really pleased that he realises he needs to grow up but I know what L is like & it will go one of two ways, he will either take to army life like a duck to water or he will rebel & leave when his time is up, coming out worse than he went in.

I hope it's the former. And I do know I sound negative & maybe I'm being unfairly harsh but I haven't let my views be known to him. I just let him know I was pleased for him.

Track for the day - Sho Heen

8 November 2009

Remember Them

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Flanders Fields by John McCrae has always conveyed perfectly to me the massive loss, grief & pain that war brings. Please remember those that have paid the ultimate price in going to war, those that have had their lives altered beyond recognition through physical & mental injuries & the loved ones who also have to adjust & cope with the aftermath. Today is for them. May they never be forgotten or the respect for them lost.

7 November 2009


That's all I have to say for my new sparkly bits. I went to the Chemist the other day to get the boring usual of shampoo etc & got magnetically drawn to the makeup stand. Mainly because it was sparkling like Aladdins Cave.

I could not resist buying two of Collection 2000's glitter wands. I bought silver & gold & the other colours are next on my list.

I admit that I am a fully signed up beauty junkie & will always check out the new makeup in Boots just in case I find a wonder product. Usually the new products are overhyped & rarely worth the money, not so with my new buys. I had not even seen these glitter wands advertised so was like a child in a sweetshop with the testers *blush*. For £2.99 each they are totally amazing.

I tried both on when I got home & I was stupidly excited at the sparkliness.

I can honestly say there are no negative points. I usually am really careful with glitter around my eyes & very rarely use it because the stuff I have used has irritated my eyes. These wands come with a clear (looks coloured in tube) base coat & then you just pat the glitter on with applicator. Really easy to do, very accurate results & not in the least bit irritating. When I had mine on the other night I didn't even feel like I was wearing makeup.

My New Years makeup is sorted. I will be out-sparkling the Christmas lights!

Song for today - Addicted To Love