19 November 2009

I ♥ Winter

I love the Winter. It is definitely my favourite time of the year.
Unfortunately, the rest of my family think I am a freak for having this view.
There's so many good things about Winter time, like;

Frosty weather. Walking out of a warm house & in to a sparkling morning or afternoon & having the cold air hit your face is one of the best things.

2. Dark Winter evenings are the perfect excuse to wear sequins & glitter.

3. I have an English Rose complexion. Summer sun turns me a not very fetching shade of red & I get very red cheeks. Winter just makes me look pale & interesting with a rosy glow.

4. I get to wear as many pairs of boots as I please. Although not all at once, obviously.

My fair skin means bright colours don't really suit me. Deep, rich Winter colours look much better.

6. Being able to wrap up in my snuggly jumpers & go for walks.

Burying my cold hands in my horses mane. Even better when I can pretend she actually likes me for me rather than the Polo's I always have in my pocket. Lol

8. Fireworks & bonfires.

9. Christmas is round the corner & hearing little children chatter about Father Christmas is something that would melt the hardest of hearts.

10. The hope of snow.

11. Freezing cold mornings that make you ever greatful for fluffy slipper boots & hot, strong coffee.

12. The Festival is drawing ever closer.

13. Feeling like the only person in the world on a really early, crisp & clear morning.

Bad things about Winter;

Slipping A over T in mud at the stables. Then having to get home with a mud stained rear end. So not a good look.

Slipping in puddles & missing the wet bit by the skin of my teeth. If I had bigger feet I estimate about 67% less slippage would occur!

Being jumped on by a not yet totally trained Irish Setter who leaves sticky, muddy paw prints on my nice cream, knitted hoodie. It's a very good job I love him....

Now the hedged meads renew
Rustic odour, smiling hue,

And the clean air shines and tinkles as the world goes wheeling through;

And my heart springs up anew,

Bright and confident and true.

Robert Louis Stevenson.

Track for today - How Can I Keep From Singing.


dickiebo said...

I'm with you, gal. Super time.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickie ~ Absolutely :o)

cogidubnus said...

Like you I just love those crisp clear mornings, especially over the South Downs when there's a slight frost...

Equally like you, I hate the muddy morass I have to plough through on wet days (in my case to release the bloody duck rather than tend the horse) !

Well done for remaining an English rose...of course, it goes with the red hair (I have an elfin-daughter with Rupert Grint-coloured hair and pale beautiful looks and always imagine you with the same attributes)...

Don't change it...it's a far more alluring and longer-lasting look than any transitory Hollywood rubbish...take it from a formerly hot-blooded (but currently dormant) volcano! (not...)

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi ~ The fake tan got boring & too time consuming. I tried it a few times & realised that actually, my natural colouring looked far better.

Of the similar attributes; I have the fair skin but my hair is more auburn than bright red.

I can't be doing with all the clones who follow the latest Hollywood look. Much too fake for my liking.