23 November 2009


I am at the age now where I am starting to realise the value of staple wardrobe items rather than fad fashions.

I admit that I don't like spending loads of money on clothes. It somehow feels 'wrong' & I think I've probably got this from my mum. I do buy clothes but they tend to be in the sale or from outlet type places.

The most I've ever spent on boots is £100 & that was my long leather riding boots. But they are a true investment as I enjoy my riding & I wanted a boot that would last me & last me & with care my boots still look as good as new.

I see lots & lots of things I like when it comes to fashion but when push comes to shove, I find it difficult to splash the cash on something unless I can honestly justify it.

Anyway, this year I have been scouring the shops for a decent Winter coat. I have plenty of dress coats but they are just that & useless for actually keeping me warm. I have to be careful what I look for because as much as I may like something, particularly a coat, when it comes to trying it on I look swamped in it. The arms are very often too long & the proportions aren't right.
I also wanted a style that wouldn't date & one that was at least 50% wool but that wasn't heavy or bulky.

I was beginning to give up until I found this...

Stud Trophy Jacket

I love it. I got it in an 8 as that way, I can wear jumpers underneath it as well as just a top. The arms will definitely be too long but a dressmaker is a friend of the family so I'm sure if I speak to her nicely, she'll alter it for me :o)

Another bonus is, my mum let me get it on her account card which I'm very glad of because otherwise I would not have been able to afford it!

I can't wait for it to arrive. I just hope it's as good in real life as it looks on the internet.

I'm so pleased with it!

Track for today - Little Jack Frost


The Brunette Girly Girl said...


I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say its fab xx

I love winter too and I agree with all your reasons for loving it.

cogidubnus said...

My redhead elfin-daughter says your taste in jackets is awesome...I understand she may be jealous or even covetous...

If you don't object...where and how much please? And is it as good as it looked in the catalogue?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Thanks Brunette Girly :o)

Cogi ~ Link here - http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=20552&storeId=12552&productId=1390921&langId=-1&categoryId=&parent_category_rn=

Sorry, I have no idea how to compact it.
It is as good as it looked online & it's a really nice quality. The sizing is pretty accurate too :o)

cogidubnus said...

Thanks GND !

Girl*Next*Door said...

No problem :o)

cogidubnus said...

My elfin girl says:-

Thanks :D
xx "