22 November 2009


I do get hay fever in Summer & it seems to be getting worse & worse each year. The puzzle is, why am I still getting hay fever-type symptoms in November? Sniffly nose, random attacks of sneezing, runny & itchy eyes.

I'm thinking I'm allergic to something or someone.

It's either;

Dogs. Not too likely as I wasn't allergic to Sam last year.

Dust mites. Never had any problems before with them though.

Flowers. My mum loves them & has one or two massive vases in the living room/hallway.

My horse. This option does not bear thinking about to be honest.

The sister. Not only is this a highly feasible option but also a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel. She's 12 years old & a walking moodswing. I am torn between bashing her over the head with a mallet or just doing the clean & quiet pillow thing ;o)

If indeed I am allergic to her & her flouncing & hair tossing then it's perfectly reasonable to put her down on the 'For Adoption' list.
Or just leave her tied up to a faraway lamp post with a 'Please, do NOT return to sender' sign strung round her neck....

On a serious note, I really do not know why I am still getting hay fever symptoms in Winter & I am just wondering what it might actually be.

Track for today -

I know, it's not even proper music.... Inexcusable & the lyrics are filth but it's got in my head. I usually hate all things GaGa too.

Something is obviously wrong somewhere!


thoughts running through my head.... said...

I'm like that too-I think its the change in seasons.

Girl*Next*Door said...

TRTMH ~ I suppose it could be. Thing is, by the time the season has changed again I'm back in hay fever territory! Lol

Sage said...

Join the club, I have put it down to less fresh air going through the house though that is about to change xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

Sage ~ It could be that I guess. I keep my bedroom window open to some degree all year round because I hate being in a room that feels stuffy or as though I'm breathing stale air.