17 November 2009

Soldier Boy

I hate feeling negative about this but I can't help it. My brother, the brother who has been a complete twonk the past 10 years has decided to join the army.

He phoned my mum up last night to tell her he wanted to join. I don't know exactly what he is signing up for but his reasons are for a steady job & so that he can try to discipline himself more. He thinks the discipline would be good for him & he thinks he needs to grow up.

I'm really pleased that he realises he needs to grow up but I know what L is like & it will go one of two ways, he will either take to army life like a duck to water or he will rebel & leave when his time is up, coming out worse than he went in.

I hope it's the former. And I do know I sound negative & maybe I'm being unfairly harsh but I haven't let my views be known to him. I just let him know I was pleased for him.

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Sage said...

He will have to grow a backbone of steel, it's not an easy way of life and while they cannot coast through it these days, it still requires them to put their effort in or they will be asked to find something else. Having said all that, my nephew joined the army (Royal Logistics Corps) just before his 22nd birthday, he is now a sergeant and has just gone out to Afghanistan; his 30th birthday will be this December.

I wish him well, but get him to have some idea of what he wants to do in the army would be a good idea, definitely not the infantry brigades, they are still very much the cannon fodder of the army.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Sage ~ That's exactly what I thought. I know it's not as hard nowadays as it was but you still have to put a lot of hard work in & have bucketfuls of courage.

I'm not sure if he is going for a frontline position (I don't know the official term) or whether he is going for something more behind the scenes such as groundwork or chef etc. Either way he will have to get some respect & at least a degree of self-discipline before he signs up.

If he does decide to go for frontline stuff then I shall be sure to warn him off the Infantry Brigades.

Thanks xx

cogidubnus said...

If he's irretrievably the total twonk you reckon he is, then (according to a couple of mates of mine who've served), basic training ought to see him off...else, I suppose, it might just be the making...

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi ~ My thoughts exactly. Make or break time for him. Hopefully it will be the former. :o)