18 January 2009

Shiny New Things

I was very restrained in the sales this year (this is more due to being broke than actual choice....) My lovely nana gave me £30.00 after Christmas. I could have spent it on something sensible or kept it for a rainy day but neither of those is very much fun & if I can't be reckless with money at 23 when I have no responsibilities then it's all a bit pathetic.

So, rather than keep the £30.00 I went straight to the ASOS website & blew it on this tailcoat that I've had my eye on since it first appeared. I couldn't afford it full price & when it down to half price, & was still in stock in my size then in my mind, that is fate.

Front view of beautiful, lovely tail coat;


Back view of beautiful, lovely tail coat;


And it definitely was fate because when I tried it on, the tails weren't too long, the sleeves didn't swamp me & it actually fits properly around the bust. Miracles will never cease!

I also got these;




And this;


Oh, and some violet tights. Which surprisingly, look far better than they sound!

The berets were cheap & the silk blouse was a bargain.

When I tried the tail coat on my mother teasingly remarked that I should stop taking style notes from Sweeney Todd. Which I thought was a massive cheek!

Anyway, I have made a definite plan to go to London to celebrate New Year next year. I know I've been saying this for the past three years but this year is going to be different & I will get there come what may.

I even have the outfit I'm going to wear planned......

Tail coat, grey skinny jeans, the silk blouse above, Victorian style lace up knee boots and a silk top hat. I still badly want the silk top hat. And it looks like a good condition one will cost about £80.00. I have 11 months or thereabouts to save up, it's definitely do-able & I am definitely going to get one.


15 January 2009


It was absolutely freezing here last week. I woke up to snow on Monday morning & it didn't shift until Wednesday time. Most nights last week hit -10 with the warmest being -8/-9 I think. It was very, very cold & for me to say that, it must have been bad as I don't feel the cold.

Anyway, I was speaking to a friend about this early part of last week & what arrived in the post a few days later?


A fluffy hot water bottle cover! Complete with teddy bear. Lol.

I have to say, I was very surprised as for a man, that is quite a thoughtful & relevant gift. And it was a really, really, sweet thing to do.

And I love it :o)

The only problem is, I now have to watch where I leave it as Sam is intent on trying to 'kill' it....

I'm not sure that's better or worse than my sisters trying to 'borrow' it at every opportunity!

3 January 2009

Clean Slate

Well, first post of 2009 & that's another year gone. And it's gone scarily fast really.
I for one am glad to see the back of 2008, it was a bit of a crappy year one way & another & I feel as if it's a year of my life wasted.
I didn't achieve anything & I feel like 2008 slipped through my fingers.

The first six months were the worst I've ever had I think. I came within millimetres of dying in January & spent February, March & the best part of April getting over that. During April I had the operation done that should have been completed in January which meant another month/two months getting myself properly up & running again.

I finished with Mr. S which I didn't foresee at all. Half of me still wanted the relationship & the other half of me was screaming that it wasn't right anymore & something had to be done. And although I knew it was the right thing to do it didn't make it any easier to actually face him & say that things were over.
I guess we could have carried on but if I'd done that I'd have ended up hurting him & resenting him & that was neither fair nor right.

As for the last six months of the year? They've been a something & nothing really. It just seemed like one thing after another went wrong in the beginning half of the year & it's taken the last half of it for me to get over it all & feel like myself again. In the great scheme of things it isn't much but the fact it all came out of the blue & was stuff that I hadn't even thought about knocked me sideways a little bit.

On the plus side, I am looking forward to 2009. I've sorted things in my head about my dad & decided the best thing is not to have any contact with him. At least not in the immediate future.

The jobhunting is just not happening.
I'm getting nowhere with things despite applying for loads of stuff. Maybe I need to change my deodourant?!
Until something comes along I've decided to do some voluntary work, maybe with children or young adults. Or a women's refuge or similar. I need to look into it properly but whatever, it's better than going to college to kill time & get a piece of paper at the end of a course that I don't need or want.

I still want to work for the police in some capacity or other but at the moment, it's not top of my priorities but more of a goal to work towards.

As for the baby brother getting a random girl up the duff....
I may or may not be an Aunt in '09 but at least he has decided to get a DNA test as soon as the baby comes into the world. Classy.

Still, at least if I do become an Aunt the baby will have great guidance on all things fashion, horses & music ;o)

There isn't much more to say really other than that I feel far more positive about things as of January 2009 than I have done in the past year!