29 September 2010

Retail Therapy.

I have had three tooth abscesses in just over a month. Not caused by poor dental hygiene but by a horrible tooth that needs to be pulled. Unfortunately, that won't happen for another couple of weeks as I am unable to have it pulled at the dentist due to bleeding issues and problems with anaesthetic. Joy of joys.

So I cheered myself up and went shopping. I should not have looked at the New Look website because I knew full-well what would happen but never mind, it's all pretty and appeals to my slightly gothic side of style :o).

So, I bought this in wine/burgundy;

The same in black;

This in plum/purple;

And the same in black;

I love them all and can see myself wearing them to death as they are just my sort of thing.

Music-wise, I have re-discovered James and have an early album of theirs on loop on my mp3 player at the moment. No other word for them except 'brilliant'.

Current favourite track is the one below but I warn you now, it's a bit rude. Lol

21 September 2010

How Not To Impress A Woman.

Dear God, what is it with some men? Yes, I realise I am sounding like a bit of a man-hater lately but I'm not, I promise!

I was walking home from the yard earlier this evening, not looking all that glamorous as I was in jods, boots, a t-shirt with a dash of horse hair on it and 'hat hair' which means my hair squashed in a bun, flat to my head and just a general air of scruff about me.

So, the very last thing I'd expect to hear as I'm crossing the lights is a wolf-whistle. I turned to see who it was (I was the only one crossing the road at the time) and was confronted by a guy in his forties saying to me "Oi, gorgeous, give us a smile!".

I cannot imagine what prompted that comment because as I say, I was not looking swish. But really, if a man wants to impress me, shouting that at me as I am crossing the road is not the way to go about it!

I can only imagine he thinks that girls in riding gear equals dominatrix-type girls. If he'd actually approached me he'd have realised I had horse hair on my jods and t-shirt, slightly mucky boots and was carrying the distinct aroma of horse and that puts an altogether different, and unsexy, slant on things!

*rolls eyes*

28 June 2010

Such Innocence!

At the peak of East 17's career, I was around nine or ten years old. I absolutely loved them but goodness only knows why as in every single video, they were chav-tastic!

Thanks to my best friend, my early music tastes have come back to haunt me. She was sorting some stuff out that she'd left at her mum's when she'd moved out and came across some old CD albums,
Walthamstow being one of them.

Both she and I adored East 17 and were quite dismissive of Take That, deeming them too 'clean-cut' in comparison. My best friend is three years older than me and so she got to own the coveted album whereas I was banned from even buying a single as my mum considered East 17 to not be suitable...

After a trip down memory lane and re-discovering this horror; 'Deep', I now understand why my mum wouldn't let me have either the single or the album it came from. I now cringe at the thought that "Yeah, I butter the toast if you lick the knife" really was not as innocent as I thought it was....
It all makes sense now why my mum would tell me off for singing the song while we were out and why I and my best friend's teacher would also ban us all from singing any East 17 songs.

I'd completely forgotten about my three year crush on East 17 and Tony Mortimer. And although it all brings back great memories of being young and carefree, I can't believe I considered East 17 the height of cool!

Shamefully, this was a favourite -
Do U Still.
The title isn't even spelt properly!

16 May 2010


Honestly, I was speechless (and that doesn't happen often).

I was out last night, specifically with a friend who works in one of the local racing yards and whilst walking through the yard and past a random man, who I've only ever set eyes on once or twice, he decided to comment that "Bloody hell, your arse is like a ripe peach" *shocked and stunned*

Is that any way to talk to someone who you don't know?! I was so gobsmacked I didn't know whether to give him a dressing down or laugh. In the end I laughed and carried on!

Maybe he needs to look in the dictionary at what the word 'inappropriate' means. *rolls eyes*

8 May 2010

Cathy Davey.

I am loving this girl right now. She is fab. She's from Dublin and although not completely unheard of, she isn't exactly mainstream either.

I've just bought her album, Tails Of Silversleeve, off Amazon and it is brilliant. Not a filler track to be seen but my particular favourite is Reuben;

It's so different and her voice is quite unusual.

I am planning on going to Ireland for a bit of a long weekend with friends and my sister. When I do, I shall be trying to coincide it with one of Cathy Davey's gigs :o)

Her two other albums are on my wishlist so when I get them, I'll blog about those too.

5 May 2010

It's Official.

Well, I received a letter from the Consultant, via my GP (it was addressed to my GP), who saw my broken foot.

The opening lines are "I had the pleasure to meet this extremely pleasant 24 year old on XX date...."

So, I am officially 'extremely pleasant'. Lol

It made me laugh anyway. And thank goodness I always remember my manners as it would have been far less funny if he'd started it as "I met this shortarsed, foul-mouthed creature on XX date...."

2 May 2010

Painting the Town Red.

Well, I did go out last Saturday and it was fab!

Left home at 7pm and got in at 4am *shocked*

I have decided that from now on, I am going out with a bandaged leg and on crutches. Poorly leg + crutches = free drinks ;o)

It was brilliant. I had doors held open for me, I had drinks bought for me, instead of waiting at the bar the very chivalrous gent next to me let me jump the queue and I collected about 20 signatures on my cast. And four telephone numbers! Lol.

I also felt like I had my own personal minder at one point as two men took it on themselves to be my personal minders and clear a path through the dancefloor for me.

I think that secretly they delighted in playing the knight in shining armour.

My sister left early and went and met up with her boyfriend so I went on to a club and met up with my brother.

Two slightly embarassing parts to the evening;

1. I'd not met this group of friends of my brother's and they were convinced I was his latest conquest. Wrong. On so many levels.

2. A friend of my brother's that I'd been happily chatting to for an hour, until my brother took me to one side and asked me to stop chatting up his friend.... I wasn't chatting him up, I was just being myself but that can sometimes be mistaken for flirting.
I retorted that I wasn't chatting him up and it would be pointless anyway as he was gay. He wasn't gay. Unfortunately he was stood behind me when I was telling my brother fairly loudly (due to the music) that his friend was blatantly gay.

On the plus side he accepted my apology and bought me a drink. And he must have been forgiving as he gave me his number and asked me out for a drink the next day. I politely declined.

Even if I was interested in him, he was completely not my type. Too short, too pretty-boy.

On the whole it was a great night and I managed to keep my balance on my crutches the whole time. Even dancing to this at one point....

I did get some funny looks at various points but it was a mighty fun night all things considered :o)

21 April 2010

Stephanie Kirkham.

She's only come to my attention because of the Peugeot advert and I think that is going to be the case for a lot of people.
I really like her voice, it's different but in a very good way.

Anyway, I love this track:


And I don't know about anybody else but these lyrics struck a chord with me;

Oh no (oh no), there's nothing to say
It's inappropriate (can't walk away)
Can't walk away
It's inappropriate (how can I explain?)
How can I explain?
When you stop and smile at me
Don't you know what you're doing to me? oh no

I want to run, no-where to hide
It's eating me
Thinking of you now - can't sleep
Dreaming of you, I know I shouldn't be.

I think everyone must have felt like that about someone at some point. :o)

20 April 2010


Literally. I spent almost four hours in the local hospital yesterday morning and the conclusion was that my foot is not healing as it should and if it was left as it was then it would not heal and also cause problems later on.

So I'm the owner of a deep purple cast that goes from my toes to just below my knee on my left leg. Wonderful.

I'm banned from riding, walking without crutches (even to go to the loo!) and only allowed to put a maximum of 30% weight on my left foot.

I have three weeks and then they're calling me back for more X-rays and either they'll remove the cast or leave it on for another three-four weeks.

I've had ot on for 24 hours so far and already I've bruised my shin on my left leg by kicking myself in my sleep.
Oh, and plaster casts are passion killers. I gathered this anyway but if, like me, you kick out in your sleep it's either going to hurt the person you're sharing a bed with or ruin their chances of ever having children....

But I've set myself a challenge. I have a prior engagement to hit the town on Friday night and I'm going to go out armed with a marker pen and see how many signatures I can collect on my leg!
I don't know how much sense they'll make on Saturday morning or whether I'll need to scribble any comments out but we shall see.

If nothing else I'll get doors opened for me!

Oh, and if you're reading this mum, I told you it wasn't just a bruise!

26 March 2010

Under Orders.

I am under orders from my lovely doctor. Gah!

Summer is just around the corner and I have a confirmed broken foot and have been ordered not to ride, not to wear silly shoes (as if!....), not to go taking hyperactive Irish Setters for walks, not to put any weight on the injured foot and to generally just be careful.

I've been given an appointment for X-rays next week and if it's all healing ok then they're going to leave it be. If it isn't I need to go and see the Orthopeadic Surgeon.

I am quite put out about the no riding order. The good weather is coming, I had some stuff planned and now it's going down the pan. Apparently, if my foot slips out of the stirrup or it gets trodden on or I bang it then it could disturb it all again. :o(

So, I'm still on crutches and have to see what the bods at the hospital say next week. It is a good job I love my dogs because the Irish Setter broke my foot for me. Admittedly, it wasn't his fault. I was taking him out daily for walks to get him used to behaving like a gentleman rather than a hooligan and all was going well until a lorry came past and he decided he was actually quite scared of that. He reared up and twisted round, caught me totally by surprise and I had to throw all my weight on to my left foot to avoid being tripped up by the spooky pup.

It's like handling a horse and really, I should have been ready for him to get scared but it took me by surprise. I smacked my left foot down so hard on to the concrete path that I felt the jolt travel all the way up my leg and it is that that has broken the little bone on the bottom of my left foot.

When I walked home with Harley, it was twinging. That evening it was painful and the next day it was horrible pain but I thought it was a twisted muscle or something. So I walked up to the shop and tried stretching my foot out in the hope the muscle would realease itself.


Huge mistake.

I do not advise trying to stretch your foot out when it's broken. I was almost sick with the pain and had to walk the five minutes back home taking deep breaths and trying not to cry.

So, I'm still on crutches and a bit fed up. On the plus side, two of my lovely friends have offered to take me out a few times when everyone is on holiday and the other has offered to walk the mad dogs for me. :o)

18 March 2010

Ouch.Ouch. OUCH!

Turns out that my foot issue is either a broken bone or a fractured bone. Joy!

I went to the doctors last week and although the doctor was very nice, she was useless. She didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know and referred me on a urgent appointment to the hospital.
It turns the hospital's idea of 'urgent' and mine differ dramatically. My idea of 'urgent' is a week - two weeks where hospital appointments are concerned. The hospital's idea of urgent is the 25th of May.
Sod that for a game of soldiers! I mean really, the 25th of May?! I cannot put even the slightest bit of weight on my foot and I have left the house twice in the past five weeks. Do they not think that that is slightly concerning? If not for my physical welfare then definitely for my mental state.

I am speaking to my regular doctor on Monday morning and seeing where to go from there. Bearing in mind I have been told everything from severe bruising to Plantar Fasciitis and so I have not gone to A&E because I thought the issue would go in it's own time.

I would go to A&E this week but it will be rammed full of bruised and broken jockeys so there is not a chance I will be seen in any sort of reasonable time.

The doctors have given me crutches and a support bandage. They are not helping that much to be honest.

I am concerned because if my foot is not broken, the symptoms point to a much more serious condition that I have had issues with before and I really don't think I could face going down that road again. I am hoping against hope it is a break as at least that is fixable. The symptoms add up so please, let it be broken.

I have missed going to the races because of this. I have been planning my trip to the races for the past six months and I had to cancel it at the last minute!
I am gutted.
Particularly as yesterday was St. Patricks day and the races were guaranteed to be a good day. Still, there's always next year I guess.

Denman is my tip for the Gold Cup. I adore that horse. He has something about him and the stamina to sustain him on the uphill run to home that finishes a lot of runners as it is a long old slog uphill after a long and tiring run over the jumps.

I can't ride with my foot like it is as it brings me to tears to stand on it, if I had to put weight on it while in the saddle I'd probably be sick and besides, I don't fancy only being half in control of a horse.

I can't actually do anything with my foot like it is apart from sit down or lay down. Both get immensely boring after a while.
Unless you have company of course! ;o)

On the plus side, In three weeks time, I have the house to myself for two weeks.

The New Man is back at the end of March and has lots of leave that has mounted up while he's been away. Happy days!

The Summer is coming and sunshine always makes things feel better.

In the meantime, I am developing a taste for Lindt chocolate. It is doing a pretty good job of making me feel better :o)

9 March 2010

Number One.

Cheltenham Festival is number one, but will Cheltenham the single get to number one? I think it's got a good chance considering the racing fraternity and the townspeople. And it's all for four good causes; The Bob Champion Cancer Trust, Racing Welfare, Riding For The Disabled Association and The National Rehabilitation Hospital Ireland.

This will no doubt be the drunken and high spirited anthem to race week and I will probably be thoroughly sick of it by the time March 19th swings round but it's all for very good causes and it's a bit of fun. :o)

For those not in the know, the single was the brainchild of a point-to-point trainer who rounded up some of the best known names in racing, from journalists to jockeys, trainers to TV presenters.

So, go and buy a copy! Either via HMV as a CD single or iTunes as a download. Even if you never listen to it, the money is going to very good causes and our little town will also have a place in pop history! Also, if this single gets to number one in the charts then the bookies have agreed to donate and extra £36,000 to the funds which will be distributed equally between the four charities mentioned along with all proceeds from the single. It's only 70p per download at Play.Com and the link is here: The Favourites - Cheltenham download.

And if you don't buy or download it, well, I'm not going to be your friend anymore! ;o)

Cheltenham - The Favourites.

You know you want to ;o)

24 February 2010

Minus point to moving out. Pt 1

Oh dear. I have discovered a minus to moving out of the nest and surprisingly, it is not having my laundry done because I already do that myself.

It is realising that a Sunday evening in my own abode/houseshare will not include a huge piece of brisket that has been slowly cooked in the oven on a very low setting for the day. Cooked so slowly that cutting in to it is like slicing through soft butter. Melt in the mouth stuff. Complete with fresh veg and homemade gravy.

My mum is a great believer in cooking everything she possibly can from scratch. This brisket was from a local farm shop and my goodness, I'm not a foodie but even I was taken with it.

It does help that my mum is a fantastic cook which is how I've never managed to lose the pounds I've put on since moving back home.
Mind you, I'm the sort of person who to enjoy food, has to be in good company. When I'm on my own I pick at food and don't eat much at all.

So when I do move out it looks like I shall be coming home of a Sunday evening for at least one decent meal because I will no doubt go back to my student habit of having porridge/cheese on toast/baked beans on toast/tuna mayonnaise sandwiches for tea with toast and yogurt during the day.

This is why when I was a student, I was skinny as a rake and why now, I have some weight on me. It is my mother's fault entirely. She has this insane need to feed people and to dish them up massive platefuls of food. She still overloads my plate now, even though she knows I don't have a majorly big appetite.

I guess nothing beats good home cooking though :o)

16 February 2010

Picture Post..

A long promised picture post of the snow and a few of the dogs :o)

Best mates.

He was asleep here... Odd dog.

As above but taken from further back.

I don't know why but he insists on sitting on the stairs to wait for his tea.

Peas in a pod.

All grown up! Almost...

This snow was up to my ankles. And yes, that is me.

I liked this pic. The bushes look like they've had a bag of icing sugar thrown over them.

A selection below of a segment of ice crystals and mini icicles I noticed on the way back from the yard.

Me again.
The snow was this deep on me in places where it hadn't been walked through. And my calves are not usually that chunky. I just had two pairs of massive boot socks on underneath my boots!
And these pics were taken on a old (five years old!) mobile phone camera hence the not great quality of them.

And we're supposed to get more snow this week. I love the snow but it does make a pain in the arse of getting anywhere.

Track for today: Gary Lightbody - Fifteen Minutes Old.
The live and acoustic version which is different from the album version but somehow better. :o)

13 February 2010

Roses are Red.

Yes alright. This blog has turned in to a pink and fluffy salute to loved up-ness but really, wow I'm so pleased!

I came downstairs this morning and was just putting the kettle on when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to be confronted by a delivery man asking for a signature on a dozen red roses and a box of luxury Belgian chocolates for a Miss GND.


He sent me roses! AND chocolates! Oh my word, I was actually speechless but had the biggest grin on my face ever.
And they are a scarlet/burgundy red, a proper red, rather than a orangey-red.

I have had a bit of a secret smile going on and have been as bouncy as my foot will allow all day today.

He is going to get the biggest kiss ever when he gets home :o)

10 February 2010

Brownie Points

I came down to find a suspiciously card-type envelope waiting for me this morning. It did say on it
'Do not open until the 14th of February' but I unfortunately only noticed this after I had torn the envelope in half *blush*
In my defence, this warning was absolutely tiny and I am curious in the extreme when it comes to things like this.

Never mind, it was who I expected and wanted it to be from and I am so impressed. He remembered my name, my address, what day Sunday is, signed it with kisses, had Moonpig put pink writing in it and everything!

The brownie points are at astonishingly high levels right now.

I am torn though, as post is taking two weeks to reach where he is do I wait and give him his Valentines present when he gets back or do I become an environmentalist (and some may say 'cheapskate') and send him an e-card?

Maybe I'll just email him this
Valentines E-card ;o)

I think I'll stick with the waiting because then I can give him the kisses in person.

(sickbuckets are provided at the bottom of this post. Two per person only please ;-) )

6 February 2010


Eight more weeks to go until the New Man is back home. It feels such a long time to wait, the time is going so slowly.

Skype, MSN and emails are great but they aren't enough. I am trying not to focus on how long it is but I miss him, such a lot.

On the plus-side, being able to see him when he does get back will be such a good thing that I will have a grin plastered on my face for at least two weeks after :o) .

31 January 2010

Poorly GND.

I am feeling sorry for myself. I went to walk to the shop on Wednesday evening and got five minutes from the house before I had to come home again due to a crippling pain in my foot.

I can only describe it as a constant attack of cramp on the sole of my left foot. Yesterday was the first day I could put a little bit of weight on it and today is the first day I can walk semi-normally. I can usually deal with pain quite well but this brought tears to my eyes!

It turns out it is Plantar Fasciitis. I can't do strenuous exercise, it is not reccomended by my consultant and so I suppose I should take notice of the professionals. It seems this Plantar Fasciitis is caused by numerous things but walking is one of the main one's hence the nickname 'Policeman's Foot'. Apparently, it was seen in policemen a lot due to them walking the beat.

Believe me when I say it is incredibly painful.

I can't wait for it to go now as it has stopped me doing anything active. I can't ride with it, I can't walk the dogs with it, I can't walk at all with it really. It is much better today though so I'm hoping it's gone by the weekend.

I did get warning twinges but I've never had it before and stupidly ignored the warning signs thinking it was nothing serious :o(
The warning signs feel like shooting pains and sort of cramp. If you get those, don't ignore them because if I'd rested my foot then I wouldn't be where I am now.

It has brought one thing home to me though; How can people willingly spend their lives as a couch potato?
I'm an active person. Being still does my head in. Especially when it is forced upon me to rest. Grrrr.

24 January 2010

Green Eyed Monster

I hate jealousy in all it's forms. I try not to be jealous of other people and I hate it when it has been directed at me, not that I have anything much in my life to be jealous about anyway!

The other night I got quite narked. I'd arranged to meet up with a friend in town and I'd turned up about 30 minutes early and so spent the time just having a drink and waiting for her to turn up.

The minute I walked in to this bar, a girl who was stood with her boyfriend/partner/husband shot me a really dirty look. Her boyfriend/partner/husband smiled at me and I smiled back out of politeness.
For the rest of the time they were there she spent her time giving me dirty looks and her arm clamped around her boyfriend's/partner's/husband's waist. It also looked like she was giving him grief and she was definitely shooting me filthy looks on a semi-regular basis.

All I had done was return his smile. I hadn't blatantly come on to him or flirted with him or walked up to him and planted my lips on his face, I'd just smiled at him.

Fair play to this girl if she thinks her man is so desirable that no woman within 20 feet of him can resist throwing themselves at him but please, don't give death stares to me because of it.

Her arm around his waist was a pure 'ownership' signal, it wasn't resting there, it was clamped there and there is no way I'd have the gall to behave like that with anyone I was seeing. You don't have 'ownership' of someone just because you are romantically involved with them.

I don't understand women like this at all. I think the new man is gorgeous but I'm not so stupid as to assume that every woman who claps eyes on him will think the same! And if they do, they can fill their boots by looking, just don't touch. ;o)

This girl seemed to be convinced I was out to 'steal' her man. It didn't seem to occur to her that just because she found him stunning, that I automatically would too. I actually wouldn't touch him with someone else's bargepole.

Her body language said it all, it was pure 'stay back, he's mine'. If a man behaved like that with me, you would not see my arse for dust!

If I had been in a truly evil mood I would have blown a kiss to this guy on my way out of the door but I didn't think he was worth getting bitch-slapped for...

If I was some stunner with legs up to my armpits then I could maybe understand it. But I'm not. Far from it.

Today's Track - Twist and Shout

16 January 2010

Snow Escape

Finally, the snow has thawed. It feel heavily here a week ago Tuesday and it finally thawed totally yesterday.

It was fun when it first fell as it was lovely powdery snow and lots of fun to walk in and take the dogs out in but then we had a second fall and then ice below and it then became a pain and quite deadly.

My scariest moment was nearly having my friends horse fall on me. Not fun when I'm barely 5ft and her horse is a strapping 16.2hh Hunter.

I managed to get up to the yard the later part of last week but my friend lives more rurally and couldn't get there so whilst I went up to sort my horse out, I also did hers as well.

Whenever I do her horse as well as mine I sometimes lead them both in from the field together but I didn't want to take the risk with the snow and ice so caught mine and brought her in to her stable then went back out to catch my friends horse.

He is huge but he is a gentle giant and we were both picking our way round the least icy parts when all of a sudden he slipped and fell straight down. Luckily he missed me by a hairs breadth and the worst I got were rope burns. He didn't hurt himself either but we were both pretty shaken up.

Harley had never seen snow before last week and he loved it. Mainly rolling in it and just throwing himself around in it. Sam adores it and will roll, run through, eat and jump around in it.

I do have some pics of the snow that I shall put on here (not the ones of me! Too embarrassing.) when I've got them off of my phone. I still have a load of pics from last year's snow as well.

I should also be back to more regular blogging too as five weeks ago, my sister messed the hard drive up on my laptop by downloading software for her iPod. I've only just managed to get my laptop fixed as I don't have a backup disc (it was my brother's laptop and he didn't make backups when he first bought it) and there were lots of programmes, music and pictures I wanted to keep.
My sister has a netbook and not only is it a bit of a useless gimmick unless you travel a lot but also, she is a moody cow and was having a go at me for using it even though it was her that had broken mine! The cheek....