24 January 2010

Green Eyed Monster

I hate jealousy in all it's forms. I try not to be jealous of other people and I hate it when it has been directed at me, not that I have anything much in my life to be jealous about anyway!

The other night I got quite narked. I'd arranged to meet up with a friend in town and I'd turned up about 30 minutes early and so spent the time just having a drink and waiting for her to turn up.

The minute I walked in to this bar, a girl who was stood with her boyfriend/partner/husband shot me a really dirty look. Her boyfriend/partner/husband smiled at me and I smiled back out of politeness.
For the rest of the time they were there she spent her time giving me dirty looks and her arm clamped around her boyfriend's/partner's/husband's waist. It also looked like she was giving him grief and she was definitely shooting me filthy looks on a semi-regular basis.

All I had done was return his smile. I hadn't blatantly come on to him or flirted with him or walked up to him and planted my lips on his face, I'd just smiled at him.

Fair play to this girl if she thinks her man is so desirable that no woman within 20 feet of him can resist throwing themselves at him but please, don't give death stares to me because of it.

Her arm around his waist was a pure 'ownership' signal, it wasn't resting there, it was clamped there and there is no way I'd have the gall to behave like that with anyone I was seeing. You don't have 'ownership' of someone just because you are romantically involved with them.

I don't understand women like this at all. I think the new man is gorgeous but I'm not so stupid as to assume that every woman who claps eyes on him will think the same! And if they do, they can fill their boots by looking, just don't touch. ;o)

This girl seemed to be convinced I was out to 'steal' her man. It didn't seem to occur to her that just because she found him stunning, that I automatically would too. I actually wouldn't touch him with someone else's bargepole.

Her body language said it all, it was pure 'stay back, he's mine'. If a man behaved like that with me, you would not see my arse for dust!

If I had been in a truly evil mood I would have blown a kiss to this guy on my way out of the door but I didn't think he was worth getting bitch-slapped for...

If I was some stunner with legs up to my armpits then I could maybe understand it. But I'm not. Far from it.

Today's Track - Twist and Shout


The Brunette said...
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The Brunette said...

Yeah I hate jealousy too.

What realy annoys me is women who give dirty looks when they don't even know you or deliberately barging into you! I have had this happen to me many times.

I have seen loads of gorgeous women but I would never dream of doing this to them.

It sounds like this girl was jealous of you and the fact that her guy had smiled at you.

Some people are so pathetic! She obviously has issues.

Sorry I deleted my last post as I made a spelling mistake!!

dickiebo said...

'...But I'm not.....'
Awww c'mon now. Don't be so modest! lol.

Roses said...

Sounds like she is deeply, deeply insecure. Could be her bloke has no control over his trousers, or she's just a mess.

Either way, nowt to do with you.

Her issues, not yours.

I can completely understand why you found her annoying. Her behaviour really was quite pathetic.

Girl*Next*Door said...

The Brunette; Yes! That annoys me too and it seems to happen a lot. So rude.

I was posing no threat and I think she probably needs to be a bit more secure in herself and her relationship.

Dickie; No, really! I only go out of the door because of the miracles of modern cosmetics. Lol

Roses; It could be either or both of the two.
But it's not my problem.

I just felt like going up to her and cooly and calmly explaining that I wouldn't touch her man if he was the last male on earth. Think she might have slapped me though! Lol