31 January 2010

Poorly GND.

I am feeling sorry for myself. I went to walk to the shop on Wednesday evening and got five minutes from the house before I had to come home again due to a crippling pain in my foot.

I can only describe it as a constant attack of cramp on the sole of my left foot. Yesterday was the first day I could put a little bit of weight on it and today is the first day I can walk semi-normally. I can usually deal with pain quite well but this brought tears to my eyes!

It turns out it is Plantar Fasciitis. I can't do strenuous exercise, it is not reccomended by my consultant and so I suppose I should take notice of the professionals. It seems this Plantar Fasciitis is caused by numerous things but walking is one of the main one's hence the nickname 'Policeman's Foot'. Apparently, it was seen in policemen a lot due to them walking the beat.

Believe me when I say it is incredibly painful.

I can't wait for it to go now as it has stopped me doing anything active. I can't ride with it, I can't walk the dogs with it, I can't walk at all with it really. It is much better today though so I'm hoping it's gone by the weekend.

I did get warning twinges but I've never had it before and stupidly ignored the warning signs thinking it was nothing serious :o(
The warning signs feel like shooting pains and sort of cramp. If you get those, don't ignore them because if I'd rested my foot then I wouldn't be where I am now.

It has brought one thing home to me though; How can people willingly spend their lives as a couch potato?
I'm an active person. Being still does my head in. Especially when it is forced upon me to rest. Grrrr.


Littleacornman said...


Hope the link cheers you up GND!

Roses said...

Oh bless. My ex had that and it's not good...effing painful I think he described it as.


Mr Jones said...

Hey Girlie.... where are your old buddies busybizzie and TUPC these days?

Girl*Next*Door said...

L.A.C; That is rather funny! Thanks :o)

Roses; It is so painful you would not believe.
Still hanging around but not as bad now as it was last week. Unbelievably painful though!

Mr Jones; Busybizzie has deleted his blog as far as I know and TUPC is no longer posting on his I don't think :o(

The Brunette said...

aww hope your ok xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

The Brunette; It is much better thanks. Taken over two weeks to go though! xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I've got that I think,I've only had it sonce being in this job so it must be the one and the same!I get it when I have to stand around for long periods of time and it takes ages to calm down again-whats the cure/treatement for it then?I cant be bothered to go to my useless gp and dont want it on my medical records!