16 January 2010

Snow Escape

Finally, the snow has thawed. It feel heavily here a week ago Tuesday and it finally thawed totally yesterday.

It was fun when it first fell as it was lovely powdery snow and lots of fun to walk in and take the dogs out in but then we had a second fall and then ice below and it then became a pain and quite deadly.

My scariest moment was nearly having my friends horse fall on me. Not fun when I'm barely 5ft and her horse is a strapping 16.2hh Hunter.

I managed to get up to the yard the later part of last week but my friend lives more rurally and couldn't get there so whilst I went up to sort my horse out, I also did hers as well.

Whenever I do her horse as well as mine I sometimes lead them both in from the field together but I didn't want to take the risk with the snow and ice so caught mine and brought her in to her stable then went back out to catch my friends horse.

He is huge but he is a gentle giant and we were both picking our way round the least icy parts when all of a sudden he slipped and fell straight down. Luckily he missed me by a hairs breadth and the worst I got were rope burns. He didn't hurt himself either but we were both pretty shaken up.

Harley had never seen snow before last week and he loved it. Mainly rolling in it and just throwing himself around in it. Sam adores it and will roll, run through, eat and jump around in it.

I do have some pics of the snow that I shall put on here (not the ones of me! Too embarrassing.) when I've got them off of my phone. I still have a load of pics from last year's snow as well.

I should also be back to more regular blogging too as five weeks ago, my sister messed the hard drive up on my laptop by downloading software for her iPod. I've only just managed to get my laptop fixed as I don't have a backup disc (it was my brother's laptop and he didn't make backups when he first bought it) and there were lots of programmes, music and pictures I wanted to keep.
My sister has a netbook and not only is it a bit of a useless gimmick unless you travel a lot but also, she is a moody cow and was having a go at me for using it even though it was her that had broken mine! The cheek....


cogidubnus said...

Siblings are sods...until they're suddenly not there...trust me and make the most of them...

Would love to see the snow shots of you!

Metcounty said...
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Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi; Very true. And I do think I'm lucky in that 90% of the time, we are very close.

Unfortunatley, comp crashed last night and wiped everything off including most pics I had but may dig out one or two that were taken this year that are general ones. I'm certainly not putting my face on the internet for all and sundry to see!