24 February 2010

Minus point to moving out. Pt 1

Oh dear. I have discovered a minus to moving out of the nest and surprisingly, it is not having my laundry done because I already do that myself.

It is realising that a Sunday evening in my own abode/houseshare will not include a huge piece of brisket that has been slowly cooked in the oven on a very low setting for the day. Cooked so slowly that cutting in to it is like slicing through soft butter. Melt in the mouth stuff. Complete with fresh veg and homemade gravy.

My mum is a great believer in cooking everything she possibly can from scratch. This brisket was from a local farm shop and my goodness, I'm not a foodie but even I was taken with it.

It does help that my mum is a fantastic cook which is how I've never managed to lose the pounds I've put on since moving back home.
Mind you, I'm the sort of person who to enjoy food, has to be in good company. When I'm on my own I pick at food and don't eat much at all.

So when I do move out it looks like I shall be coming home of a Sunday evening for at least one decent meal because I will no doubt go back to my student habit of having porridge/cheese on toast/baked beans on toast/tuna mayonnaise sandwiches for tea with toast and yogurt during the day.

This is why when I was a student, I was skinny as a rake and why now, I have some weight on me. It is my mother's fault entirely. She has this insane need to feed people and to dish them up massive platefuls of food. She still overloads my plate now, even though she knows I don't have a majorly big appetite.

I guess nothing beats good home cooking though :o)

16 February 2010

Picture Post..

A long promised picture post of the snow and a few of the dogs :o)

Best mates.

He was asleep here... Odd dog.

As above but taken from further back.

I don't know why but he insists on sitting on the stairs to wait for his tea.

Peas in a pod.

All grown up! Almost...

This snow was up to my ankles. And yes, that is me.

I liked this pic. The bushes look like they've had a bag of icing sugar thrown over them.

A selection below of a segment of ice crystals and mini icicles I noticed on the way back from the yard.

Me again.
The snow was this deep on me in places where it hadn't been walked through. And my calves are not usually that chunky. I just had two pairs of massive boot socks on underneath my boots!
And these pics were taken on a old (five years old!) mobile phone camera hence the not great quality of them.

And we're supposed to get more snow this week. I love the snow but it does make a pain in the arse of getting anywhere.

Track for today: Gary Lightbody - Fifteen Minutes Old.
The live and acoustic version which is different from the album version but somehow better. :o)

13 February 2010

Roses are Red.

Yes alright. This blog has turned in to a pink and fluffy salute to loved up-ness but really, wow I'm so pleased!

I came downstairs this morning and was just putting the kettle on when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to be confronted by a delivery man asking for a signature on a dozen red roses and a box of luxury Belgian chocolates for a Miss GND.


He sent me roses! AND chocolates! Oh my word, I was actually speechless but had the biggest grin on my face ever.
And they are a scarlet/burgundy red, a proper red, rather than a orangey-red.

I have had a bit of a secret smile going on and have been as bouncy as my foot will allow all day today.

He is going to get the biggest kiss ever when he gets home :o)

10 February 2010

Brownie Points

I came down to find a suspiciously card-type envelope waiting for me this morning. It did say on it
'Do not open until the 14th of February' but I unfortunately only noticed this after I had torn the envelope in half *blush*
In my defence, this warning was absolutely tiny and I am curious in the extreme when it comes to things like this.

Never mind, it was who I expected and wanted it to be from and I am so impressed. He remembered my name, my address, what day Sunday is, signed it with kisses, had Moonpig put pink writing in it and everything!

The brownie points are at astonishingly high levels right now.

I am torn though, as post is taking two weeks to reach where he is do I wait and give him his Valentines present when he gets back or do I become an environmentalist (and some may say 'cheapskate') and send him an e-card?

Maybe I'll just email him this
Valentines E-card ;o)

I think I'll stick with the waiting because then I can give him the kisses in person.

(sickbuckets are provided at the bottom of this post. Two per person only please ;-) )

6 February 2010


Eight more weeks to go until the New Man is back home. It feels such a long time to wait, the time is going so slowly.

Skype, MSN and emails are great but they aren't enough. I am trying not to focus on how long it is but I miss him, such a lot.

On the plus-side, being able to see him when he does get back will be such a good thing that I will have a grin plastered on my face for at least two weeks after :o) .