10 February 2010

Brownie Points

I came down to find a suspiciously card-type envelope waiting for me this morning. It did say on it
'Do not open until the 14th of February' but I unfortunately only noticed this after I had torn the envelope in half *blush*
In my defence, this warning was absolutely tiny and I am curious in the extreme when it comes to things like this.

Never mind, it was who I expected and wanted it to be from and I am so impressed. He remembered my name, my address, what day Sunday is, signed it with kisses, had Moonpig put pink writing in it and everything!

The brownie points are at astonishingly high levels right now.

I am torn though, as post is taking two weeks to reach where he is do I wait and give him his Valentines present when he gets back or do I become an environmentalist (and some may say 'cheapskate') and send him an e-card?

Maybe I'll just email him this
Valentines E-card ;o)

I think I'll stick with the waiting because then I can give him the kisses in person.

(sickbuckets are provided at the bottom of this post. Two per person only please ;-) )

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