16 February 2010

Picture Post..

A long promised picture post of the snow and a few of the dogs :o)

Best mates.

He was asleep here... Odd dog.

As above but taken from further back.

I don't know why but he insists on sitting on the stairs to wait for his tea.

Peas in a pod.

All grown up! Almost...

This snow was up to my ankles. And yes, that is me.

I liked this pic. The bushes look like they've had a bag of icing sugar thrown over them.

A selection below of a segment of ice crystals and mini icicles I noticed on the way back from the yard.

Me again.
The snow was this deep on me in places where it hadn't been walked through. And my calves are not usually that chunky. I just had two pairs of massive boot socks on underneath my boots!
And these pics were taken on a old (five years old!) mobile phone camera hence the not great quality of them.

And we're supposed to get more snow this week. I love the snow but it does make a pain in the arse of getting anywhere.

Track for today: Gary Lightbody - Fifteen Minutes Old.
The live and acoustic version which is different from the album version but somehow better. :o)


cogidubnus said...

So ok...now we know you've got a pair of cute pooches...

...and very nice legs to boot!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi; they are indeed cute. When they're behaving themselves and not playing tug o' war with carious items that don't belong to them. :D
Thanks but as they're probably the shortes legs in Carrot Cruncher country then I'm not so sure. Lol

cogidubnus said...

I had a black lab once who, during a brief shopping absence, totally destroyed our newly laid hall and stair carpet... huge expense! By contrast Tug o'war is pretty mild...

Nonetheless, out of respect to you, I'll totally revise my statement...

"Nice pair of pooches...and very cute legs..."

Is that better?


Girl*Next*Door said...

Yes ok, I'll accept cute. I suppose having a whole hall floor pulled up would be pretty drastic.
To be fair to them both, they are very good considering their ages but they are also little monkeys! Not that I would change them :o)

Anonymous said...