13 February 2010

Roses are Red.

Yes alright. This blog has turned in to a pink and fluffy salute to loved up-ness but really, wow I'm so pleased!

I came downstairs this morning and was just putting the kettle on when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to be confronted by a delivery man asking for a signature on a dozen red roses and a box of luxury Belgian chocolates for a Miss GND.


He sent me roses! AND chocolates! Oh my word, I was actually speechless but had the biggest grin on my face ever.
And they are a scarlet/burgundy red, a proper red, rather than a orangey-red.

I have had a bit of a secret smile going on and have been as bouncy as my foot will allow all day today.

He is going to get the biggest kiss ever when he gets home :o)


cogidubnus said...

Roses are black
Violets are grey
I've got the wrong colours
Who cares anyway?

See I'm a deeply romantic soul at heart...

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi; You are not allowed to puncture my bubble of joy :o)

It's not every day a girl gets sent a dozen red roses in the post you know! Lol

Anyway, there's different ways of showing romance, if the thought is there then often, that is enough for it to be romantic :o)

Roses said...


オテモヤン said...
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Girl*Next*Door said...

Roses; Yay indeed! :D Sorry, wasn't ignoring you but I missed your comment..