18 March 2010

Ouch.Ouch. OUCH!

Turns out that my foot issue is either a broken bone or a fractured bone. Joy!

I went to the doctors last week and although the doctor was very nice, she was useless. She didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know and referred me on a urgent appointment to the hospital.
It turns the hospital's idea of 'urgent' and mine differ dramatically. My idea of 'urgent' is a week - two weeks where hospital appointments are concerned. The hospital's idea of urgent is the 25th of May.
Sod that for a game of soldiers! I mean really, the 25th of May?! I cannot put even the slightest bit of weight on my foot and I have left the house twice in the past five weeks. Do they not think that that is slightly concerning? If not for my physical welfare then definitely for my mental state.

I am speaking to my regular doctor on Monday morning and seeing where to go from there. Bearing in mind I have been told everything from severe bruising to Plantar Fasciitis and so I have not gone to A&E because I thought the issue would go in it's own time.

I would go to A&E this week but it will be rammed full of bruised and broken jockeys so there is not a chance I will be seen in any sort of reasonable time.

The doctors have given me crutches and a support bandage. They are not helping that much to be honest.

I am concerned because if my foot is not broken, the symptoms point to a much more serious condition that I have had issues with before and I really don't think I could face going down that road again. I am hoping against hope it is a break as at least that is fixable. The symptoms add up so please, let it be broken.

I have missed going to the races because of this. I have been planning my trip to the races for the past six months and I had to cancel it at the last minute!
I am gutted.
Particularly as yesterday was St. Patricks day and the races were guaranteed to be a good day. Still, there's always next year I guess.

Denman is my tip for the Gold Cup. I adore that horse. He has something about him and the stamina to sustain him on the uphill run to home that finishes a lot of runners as it is a long old slog uphill after a long and tiring run over the jumps.

I can't ride with my foot like it is as it brings me to tears to stand on it, if I had to put weight on it while in the saddle I'd probably be sick and besides, I don't fancy only being half in control of a horse.

I can't actually do anything with my foot like it is apart from sit down or lay down. Both get immensely boring after a while.
Unless you have company of course! ;o)

On the plus side, In three weeks time, I have the house to myself for two weeks.

The New Man is back at the end of March and has lots of leave that has mounted up while he's been away. Happy days!

The Summer is coming and sunshine always makes things feel better.

In the meantime, I am developing a taste for Lindt chocolate. It is doing a pretty good job of making me feel better :o)


cogidubnus said...

So sorry to hear how bad that foot is, and that it has disrupted your planned Cheltenham...I can tell how much you were looking forward to that...

What with your foot and my ribs (fortunately now a lot better) it's not been a good start to the year...

Here's hoping for some improvement from now on!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi; It's just frustrating now and really getting me down not being able to get out or do things.
The biggest disappointment with Cheltenham was not being able to see Denman run. This year was one of the last chances as Denman is nearing retirement age. I think he's running in the Gold Cup next year so fingers crossed for then!

Glad to hear your ribs are better. I know myself how painful they can be.

Indeed! It couldn't get much worse injury-wise :o)

cogidubnus said...

Oh my dream girl - one who can't put any weight on her (booted) feet! swoon!

PS - what's the difference between a fractured bone or a broken bone? (sorry...couldn't resist...)

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi; believe me there are no boots on these feet :o( The only boots I can wear are my Primark rip-off Ugg boots :o(

Ok, ok. I got mixed up. I meant a cracked bone and not a fracture. I don't know why but I've always been under the impression that fractured is cracked and broken is, well, broken. I've just looked and it seems that fractured and broken mean the same thing.

I have been misinformed!