26 March 2010

Under Orders.

I am under orders from my lovely doctor. Gah!

Summer is just around the corner and I have a confirmed broken foot and have been ordered not to ride, not to wear silly shoes (as if!....), not to go taking hyperactive Irish Setters for walks, not to put any weight on the injured foot and to generally just be careful.

I've been given an appointment for X-rays next week and if it's all healing ok then they're going to leave it be. If it isn't I need to go and see the Orthopeadic Surgeon.

I am quite put out about the no riding order. The good weather is coming, I had some stuff planned and now it's going down the pan. Apparently, if my foot slips out of the stirrup or it gets trodden on or I bang it then it could disturb it all again. :o(

So, I'm still on crutches and have to see what the bods at the hospital say next week. It is a good job I love my dogs because the Irish Setter broke my foot for me. Admittedly, it wasn't his fault. I was taking him out daily for walks to get him used to behaving like a gentleman rather than a hooligan and all was going well until a lorry came past and he decided he was actually quite scared of that. He reared up and twisted round, caught me totally by surprise and I had to throw all my weight on to my left foot to avoid being tripped up by the spooky pup.

It's like handling a horse and really, I should have been ready for him to get scared but it took me by surprise. I smacked my left foot down so hard on to the concrete path that I felt the jolt travel all the way up my leg and it is that that has broken the little bone on the bottom of my left foot.

When I walked home with Harley, it was twinging. That evening it was painful and the next day it was horrible pain but I thought it was a twisted muscle or something. So I walked up to the shop and tried stretching my foot out in the hope the muscle would realease itself.


Huge mistake.

I do not advise trying to stretch your foot out when it's broken. I was almost sick with the pain and had to walk the five minutes back home taking deep breaths and trying not to cry.

So, I'm still on crutches and a bit fed up. On the plus side, two of my lovely friends have offered to take me out a few times when everyone is on holiday and the other has offered to walk the mad dogs for me. :o)


cogidubnus said...

You've dog's called Harley?


We have a (huge, white, whale-like) cat who goes by the same name...named after the bike he purrs like...see...I always said you had good taste!

OMG the foot is actually broken...that's pretty shitty news...do, please, take it easy....better a little patience now than permanent long-term harm...sorry...I'll stop preaching and turn off "parent-mode" ... it kind of gets ingrained when you pass 40 and four kids!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi; Yep, he's called Harley. Well, he's called that when he's being good.... Lol

Yes, it's broken. I am taking it easy but it is so frustrating!
Lol, I'm used to bringing out people's protective side. For some reason people seem to be naturally protective of me. Possibly because I'm little and look delicate. Little do they know I'm actually quite tough :o)

cogidubnus said...

So what did the bods at the hospital say?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hi Cogi. They said that the bones are beginning to knit together and to take it easy so it doesn't break again. So still no riding if I can help it and gentle walking rather than running or anything like that. Providing the bones are healing in the correct position, then it's just a case of allowing things to take their natural course.

The pain over the last week or two is a lot, lot less than it was though. Thank goodness! :o)

cogidubnus said...

"I gotta horse, I gotta horse..." and handily lying fourth he was, and there was me looking forward to clearing up on the office sweepstake...until fence 28 when he was pulled up...buggeryballs!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh dear. That is a let down. Denman is apparently being aimed for the 2011 GN. I've never known him to fall or be pulled up :-P