20 April 2010


Literally. I spent almost four hours in the local hospital yesterday morning and the conclusion was that my foot is not healing as it should and if it was left as it was then it would not heal and also cause problems later on.

So I'm the owner of a deep purple cast that goes from my toes to just below my knee on my left leg. Wonderful.

I'm banned from riding, walking without crutches (even to go to the loo!) and only allowed to put a maximum of 30% weight on my left foot.

I have three weeks and then they're calling me back for more X-rays and either they'll remove the cast or leave it on for another three-four weeks.

I've had ot on for 24 hours so far and already I've bruised my shin on my left leg by kicking myself in my sleep.
Oh, and plaster casts are passion killers. I gathered this anyway but if, like me, you kick out in your sleep it's either going to hurt the person you're sharing a bed with or ruin their chances of ever having children....

But I've set myself a challenge. I have a prior engagement to hit the town on Friday night and I'm going to go out armed with a marker pen and see how many signatures I can collect on my leg!
I don't know how much sense they'll make on Saturday morning or whether I'll need to scribble any comments out but we shall see.

If nothing else I'll get doors opened for me!

Oh, and if you're reading this mum, I told you it wasn't just a bruise!


cogidubnus said...

"Oh, and plaster casts are passion killers."

I'm afraid it'd take a good deal more than that!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Lol! Believe me, it's a blimmin' pain in the bum and I shall be more than glad to see the back of it :o)
I've resorted to padding it out with pillows when I go to bed because I even manage to bruise myself with it. Stupid thing!