21 April 2010

Stephanie Kirkham.

She's only come to my attention because of the Peugeot advert and I think that is going to be the case for a lot of people.
I really like her voice, it's different but in a very good way.

Anyway, I love this track:


And I don't know about anybody else but these lyrics struck a chord with me;

Oh no (oh no), there's nothing to say
It's inappropriate (can't walk away)
Can't walk away
It's inappropriate (how can I explain?)
How can I explain?
When you stop and smile at me
Don't you know what you're doing to me? oh no

I want to run, no-where to hide
It's eating me
Thinking of you now - can't sleep
Dreaming of you, I know I shouldn't be.

I think everyone must have felt like that about someone at some point. :o)


Pete said...
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Girl*Next*Door said...

You are a twat so I've deleted your comment.

Have a nice day :o)

cogidubnus said...

Now THAT sound I do like...though strong lyrics are a MUST with a distinctive voice/singing style like that...

Girl*Next*Door said...

She's great isn't she? Very unusual style and voice. Anyway, if you liked that track I highly recommend her 'That Girl' album.
Stand out tracks for me are 'That Girl', 'Somebody Else's Girl' and 'Never In a Million Years'.

Usually I skip tracks on albums but this one I listened to the whole way through and didn't once get bored of the music or fed-up with listening to it.
The other good thing is none of the songs are 'samey'. They're all different and distinct from each other :o)

Roses said...

Ah yeah. Inappropriate relationships. That's me.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Roses; I know that feeling only too well....