16 May 2010


Honestly, I was speechless (and that doesn't happen often).

I was out last night, specifically with a friend who works in one of the local racing yards and whilst walking through the yard and past a random man, who I've only ever set eyes on once or twice, he decided to comment that "Bloody hell, your arse is like a ripe peach" *shocked and stunned*

Is that any way to talk to someone who you don't know?! I was so gobsmacked I didn't know whether to give him a dressing down or laugh. In the end I laughed and carried on!

Maybe he needs to look in the dictionary at what the word 'inappropriate' means. *rolls eyes*

8 May 2010

Cathy Davey.

I am loving this girl right now. She is fab. She's from Dublin and although not completely unheard of, she isn't exactly mainstream either.

I've just bought her album, Tails Of Silversleeve, off Amazon and it is brilliant. Not a filler track to be seen but my particular favourite is Reuben;

It's so different and her voice is quite unusual.

I am planning on going to Ireland for a bit of a long weekend with friends and my sister. When I do, I shall be trying to coincide it with one of Cathy Davey's gigs :o)

Her two other albums are on my wishlist so when I get them, I'll blog about those too.

5 May 2010

It's Official.

Well, I received a letter from the Consultant, via my GP (it was addressed to my GP), who saw my broken foot.

The opening lines are "I had the pleasure to meet this extremely pleasant 24 year old on XX date...."

So, I am officially 'extremely pleasant'. Lol

It made me laugh anyway. And thank goodness I always remember my manners as it would have been far less funny if he'd started it as "I met this shortarsed, foul-mouthed creature on XX date...."

2 May 2010

Painting the Town Red.

Well, I did go out last Saturday and it was fab!

Left home at 7pm and got in at 4am *shocked*

I have decided that from now on, I am going out with a bandaged leg and on crutches. Poorly leg + crutches = free drinks ;o)

It was brilliant. I had doors held open for me, I had drinks bought for me, instead of waiting at the bar the very chivalrous gent next to me let me jump the queue and I collected about 20 signatures on my cast. And four telephone numbers! Lol.

I also felt like I had my own personal minder at one point as two men took it on themselves to be my personal minders and clear a path through the dancefloor for me.

I think that secretly they delighted in playing the knight in shining armour.

My sister left early and went and met up with her boyfriend so I went on to a club and met up with my brother.

Two slightly embarassing parts to the evening;

1. I'd not met this group of friends of my brother's and they were convinced I was his latest conquest. Wrong. On so many levels.

2. A friend of my brother's that I'd been happily chatting to for an hour, until my brother took me to one side and asked me to stop chatting up his friend.... I wasn't chatting him up, I was just being myself but that can sometimes be mistaken for flirting.
I retorted that I wasn't chatting him up and it would be pointless anyway as he was gay. He wasn't gay. Unfortunately he was stood behind me when I was telling my brother fairly loudly (due to the music) that his friend was blatantly gay.

On the plus side he accepted my apology and bought me a drink. And he must have been forgiving as he gave me his number and asked me out for a drink the next day. I politely declined.

Even if I was interested in him, he was completely not my type. Too short, too pretty-boy.

On the whole it was a great night and I managed to keep my balance on my crutches the whole time. Even dancing to this at one point....

I did get some funny looks at various points but it was a mighty fun night all things considered :o)