5 May 2010

It's Official.

Well, I received a letter from the Consultant, via my GP (it was addressed to my GP), who saw my broken foot.

The opening lines are "I had the pleasure to meet this extremely pleasant 24 year old on XX date...."

So, I am officially 'extremely pleasant'. Lol

It made me laugh anyway. And thank goodness I always remember my manners as it would have been far less funny if he'd started it as "I met this shortarsed, foul-mouthed creature on XX date...."


RandomPinkness said...

lol does it then go on to say "who has a broken foot which you would have spotted if your medical degree was worth the paper it was printed on?"

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness; Lol! No, it doesn't say that but I wish it did. Seeing as the locum doctor sent me away with advice to take aspirin and leave it be. *rolls eyes*

By the way, where has your blog gone? :o(

Phoenixikki said...

wow! amazing blog-- i like ur style--