2 May 2010

Painting the Town Red.

Well, I did go out last Saturday and it was fab!

Left home at 7pm and got in at 4am *shocked*

I have decided that from now on, I am going out with a bandaged leg and on crutches. Poorly leg + crutches = free drinks ;o)

It was brilliant. I had doors held open for me, I had drinks bought for me, instead of waiting at the bar the very chivalrous gent next to me let me jump the queue and I collected about 20 signatures on my cast. And four telephone numbers! Lol.

I also felt like I had my own personal minder at one point as two men took it on themselves to be my personal minders and clear a path through the dancefloor for me.

I think that secretly they delighted in playing the knight in shining armour.

My sister left early and went and met up with her boyfriend so I went on to a club and met up with my brother.

Two slightly embarassing parts to the evening;

1. I'd not met this group of friends of my brother's and they were convinced I was his latest conquest. Wrong. On so many levels.

2. A friend of my brother's that I'd been happily chatting to for an hour, until my brother took me to one side and asked me to stop chatting up his friend.... I wasn't chatting him up, I was just being myself but that can sometimes be mistaken for flirting.
I retorted that I wasn't chatting him up and it would be pointless anyway as he was gay. He wasn't gay. Unfortunately he was stood behind me when I was telling my brother fairly loudly (due to the music) that his friend was blatantly gay.

On the plus side he accepted my apology and bought me a drink. And he must have been forgiving as he gave me his number and asked me out for a drink the next day. I politely declined.

Even if I was interested in him, he was completely not my type. Too short, too pretty-boy.

On the whole it was a great night and I managed to keep my balance on my crutches the whole time. Even dancing to this at one point....

I did get some funny looks at various points but it was a mighty fun night all things considered :o)


The Brunette said...

awww thats so sweet that people were so nice and those guys got you a path to the dancefloor...aww sweet. xx

Glad you had a good time x

Girl*Next*Door said...

T_B; It was such great fun and just what I needed I think. And it was very nice to realise there are still gentlemen in the world, albeit drunken ones! Lol