28 June 2010

Such Innocence!

At the peak of East 17's career, I was around nine or ten years old. I absolutely loved them but goodness only knows why as in every single video, they were chav-tastic!

Thanks to my best friend, my early music tastes have come back to haunt me. She was sorting some stuff out that she'd left at her mum's when she'd moved out and came across some old CD albums,
Walthamstow being one of them.

Both she and I adored East 17 and were quite dismissive of Take That, deeming them too 'clean-cut' in comparison. My best friend is three years older than me and so she got to own the coveted album whereas I was banned from even buying a single as my mum considered East 17 to not be suitable...

After a trip down memory lane and re-discovering this horror; 'Deep', I now understand why my mum wouldn't let me have either the single or the album it came from. I now cringe at the thought that "Yeah, I butter the toast if you lick the knife" really was not as innocent as I thought it was....
It all makes sense now why my mum would tell me off for singing the song while we were out and why I and my best friend's teacher would also ban us all from singing any East 17 songs.

I'd completely forgotten about my three year crush on East 17 and Tony Mortimer. And although it all brings back great memories of being young and carefree, I can't believe I considered East 17 the height of cool!

Shamefully, this was a favourite -
Do U Still.
The title isn't even spelt properly!

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