31 January 2010

Poorly GND.

I am feeling sorry for myself. I went to walk to the shop on Wednesday evening and got five minutes from the house before I had to come home again due to a crippling pain in my foot.

I can only describe it as a constant attack of cramp on the sole of my left foot. Yesterday was the first day I could put a little bit of weight on it and today is the first day I can walk semi-normally. I can usually deal with pain quite well but this brought tears to my eyes!

It turns out it is Plantar Fasciitis. I can't do strenuous exercise, it is not reccomended by my consultant and so I suppose I should take notice of the professionals. It seems this Plantar Fasciitis is caused by numerous things but walking is one of the main one's hence the nickname 'Policeman's Foot'. Apparently, it was seen in policemen a lot due to them walking the beat.

Believe me when I say it is incredibly painful.

I can't wait for it to go now as it has stopped me doing anything active. I can't ride with it, I can't walk the dogs with it, I can't walk at all with it really. It is much better today though so I'm hoping it's gone by the weekend.

I did get warning twinges but I've never had it before and stupidly ignored the warning signs thinking it was nothing serious :o(
The warning signs feel like shooting pains and sort of cramp. If you get those, don't ignore them because if I'd rested my foot then I wouldn't be where I am now.

It has brought one thing home to me though; How can people willingly spend their lives as a couch potato?
I'm an active person. Being still does my head in. Especially when it is forced upon me to rest. Grrrr.

24 January 2010

Green Eyed Monster

I hate jealousy in all it's forms. I try not to be jealous of other people and I hate it when it has been directed at me, not that I have anything much in my life to be jealous about anyway!

The other night I got quite narked. I'd arranged to meet up with a friend in town and I'd turned up about 30 minutes early and so spent the time just having a drink and waiting for her to turn up.

The minute I walked in to this bar, a girl who was stood with her boyfriend/partner/husband shot me a really dirty look. Her boyfriend/partner/husband smiled at me and I smiled back out of politeness.
For the rest of the time they were there she spent her time giving me dirty looks and her arm clamped around her boyfriend's/partner's/husband's waist. It also looked like she was giving him grief and she was definitely shooting me filthy looks on a semi-regular basis.

All I had done was return his smile. I hadn't blatantly come on to him or flirted with him or walked up to him and planted my lips on his face, I'd just smiled at him.

Fair play to this girl if she thinks her man is so desirable that no woman within 20 feet of him can resist throwing themselves at him but please, don't give death stares to me because of it.

Her arm around his waist was a pure 'ownership' signal, it wasn't resting there, it was clamped there and there is no way I'd have the gall to behave like that with anyone I was seeing. You don't have 'ownership' of someone just because you are romantically involved with them.

I don't understand women like this at all. I think the new man is gorgeous but I'm not so stupid as to assume that every woman who claps eyes on him will think the same! And if they do, they can fill their boots by looking, just don't touch. ;o)

This girl seemed to be convinced I was out to 'steal' her man. It didn't seem to occur to her that just because she found him stunning, that I automatically would too. I actually wouldn't touch him with someone else's bargepole.

Her body language said it all, it was pure 'stay back, he's mine'. If a man behaved like that with me, you would not see my arse for dust!

If I had been in a truly evil mood I would have blown a kiss to this guy on my way out of the door but I didn't think he was worth getting bitch-slapped for...

If I was some stunner with legs up to my armpits then I could maybe understand it. But I'm not. Far from it.

Today's Track - Twist and Shout

16 January 2010

Snow Escape

Finally, the snow has thawed. It feel heavily here a week ago Tuesday and it finally thawed totally yesterday.

It was fun when it first fell as it was lovely powdery snow and lots of fun to walk in and take the dogs out in but then we had a second fall and then ice below and it then became a pain and quite deadly.

My scariest moment was nearly having my friends horse fall on me. Not fun when I'm barely 5ft and her horse is a strapping 16.2hh Hunter.

I managed to get up to the yard the later part of last week but my friend lives more rurally and couldn't get there so whilst I went up to sort my horse out, I also did hers as well.

Whenever I do her horse as well as mine I sometimes lead them both in from the field together but I didn't want to take the risk with the snow and ice so caught mine and brought her in to her stable then went back out to catch my friends horse.

He is huge but he is a gentle giant and we were both picking our way round the least icy parts when all of a sudden he slipped and fell straight down. Luckily he missed me by a hairs breadth and the worst I got were rope burns. He didn't hurt himself either but we were both pretty shaken up.

Harley had never seen snow before last week and he loved it. Mainly rolling in it and just throwing himself around in it. Sam adores it and will roll, run through, eat and jump around in it.

I do have some pics of the snow that I shall put on here (not the ones of me! Too embarrassing.) when I've got them off of my phone. I still have a load of pics from last year's snow as well.

I should also be back to more regular blogging too as five weeks ago, my sister messed the hard drive up on my laptop by downloading software for her iPod. I've only just managed to get my laptop fixed as I don't have a backup disc (it was my brother's laptop and he didn't make backups when he first bought it) and there were lots of programmes, music and pictures I wanted to keep.
My sister has a netbook and not only is it a bit of a useless gimmick unless you travel a lot but also, she is a moody cow and was having a go at me for using it even though it was her that had broken mine! The cheek....