26 March 2010

Under Orders.

I am under orders from my lovely doctor. Gah!

Summer is just around the corner and I have a confirmed broken foot and have been ordered not to ride, not to wear silly shoes (as if!....), not to go taking hyperactive Irish Setters for walks, not to put any weight on the injured foot and to generally just be careful.

I've been given an appointment for X-rays next week and if it's all healing ok then they're going to leave it be. If it isn't I need to go and see the Orthopeadic Surgeon.

I am quite put out about the no riding order. The good weather is coming, I had some stuff planned and now it's going down the pan. Apparently, if my foot slips out of the stirrup or it gets trodden on or I bang it then it could disturb it all again. :o(

So, I'm still on crutches and have to see what the bods at the hospital say next week. It is a good job I love my dogs because the Irish Setter broke my foot for me. Admittedly, it wasn't his fault. I was taking him out daily for walks to get him used to behaving like a gentleman rather than a hooligan and all was going well until a lorry came past and he decided he was actually quite scared of that. He reared up and twisted round, caught me totally by surprise and I had to throw all my weight on to my left foot to avoid being tripped up by the spooky pup.

It's like handling a horse and really, I should have been ready for him to get scared but it took me by surprise. I smacked my left foot down so hard on to the concrete path that I felt the jolt travel all the way up my leg and it is that that has broken the little bone on the bottom of my left foot.

When I walked home with Harley, it was twinging. That evening it was painful and the next day it was horrible pain but I thought it was a twisted muscle or something. So I walked up to the shop and tried stretching my foot out in the hope the muscle would realease itself.


Huge mistake.

I do not advise trying to stretch your foot out when it's broken. I was almost sick with the pain and had to walk the five minutes back home taking deep breaths and trying not to cry.

So, I'm still on crutches and a bit fed up. On the plus side, two of my lovely friends have offered to take me out a few times when everyone is on holiday and the other has offered to walk the mad dogs for me. :o)

18 March 2010

Ouch.Ouch. OUCH!

Turns out that my foot issue is either a broken bone or a fractured bone. Joy!

I went to the doctors last week and although the doctor was very nice, she was useless. She didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know and referred me on a urgent appointment to the hospital.
It turns the hospital's idea of 'urgent' and mine differ dramatically. My idea of 'urgent' is a week - two weeks where hospital appointments are concerned. The hospital's idea of urgent is the 25th of May.
Sod that for a game of soldiers! I mean really, the 25th of May?! I cannot put even the slightest bit of weight on my foot and I have left the house twice in the past five weeks. Do they not think that that is slightly concerning? If not for my physical welfare then definitely for my mental state.

I am speaking to my regular doctor on Monday morning and seeing where to go from there. Bearing in mind I have been told everything from severe bruising to Plantar Fasciitis and so I have not gone to A&E because I thought the issue would go in it's own time.

I would go to A&E this week but it will be rammed full of bruised and broken jockeys so there is not a chance I will be seen in any sort of reasonable time.

The doctors have given me crutches and a support bandage. They are not helping that much to be honest.

I am concerned because if my foot is not broken, the symptoms point to a much more serious condition that I have had issues with before and I really don't think I could face going down that road again. I am hoping against hope it is a break as at least that is fixable. The symptoms add up so please, let it be broken.

I have missed going to the races because of this. I have been planning my trip to the races for the past six months and I had to cancel it at the last minute!
I am gutted.
Particularly as yesterday was St. Patricks day and the races were guaranteed to be a good day. Still, there's always next year I guess.

Denman is my tip for the Gold Cup. I adore that horse. He has something about him and the stamina to sustain him on the uphill run to home that finishes a lot of runners as it is a long old slog uphill after a long and tiring run over the jumps.

I can't ride with my foot like it is as it brings me to tears to stand on it, if I had to put weight on it while in the saddle I'd probably be sick and besides, I don't fancy only being half in control of a horse.

I can't actually do anything with my foot like it is apart from sit down or lay down. Both get immensely boring after a while.
Unless you have company of course! ;o)

On the plus side, In three weeks time, I have the house to myself for two weeks.

The New Man is back at the end of March and has lots of leave that has mounted up while he's been away. Happy days!

The Summer is coming and sunshine always makes things feel better.

In the meantime, I am developing a taste for Lindt chocolate. It is doing a pretty good job of making me feel better :o)

9 March 2010

Number One.

Cheltenham Festival is number one, but will Cheltenham the single get to number one? I think it's got a good chance considering the racing fraternity and the townspeople. And it's all for four good causes; The Bob Champion Cancer Trust, Racing Welfare, Riding For The Disabled Association and The National Rehabilitation Hospital Ireland.

This will no doubt be the drunken and high spirited anthem to race week and I will probably be thoroughly sick of it by the time March 19th swings round but it's all for very good causes and it's a bit of fun. :o)

For those not in the know, the single was the brainchild of a point-to-point trainer who rounded up some of the best known names in racing, from journalists to jockeys, trainers to TV presenters.

So, go and buy a copy! Either via HMV as a CD single or iTunes as a download. Even if you never listen to it, the money is going to very good causes and our little town will also have a place in pop history! Also, if this single gets to number one in the charts then the bookies have agreed to donate and extra £36,000 to the funds which will be distributed equally between the four charities mentioned along with all proceeds from the single. It's only 70p per download at Play.Com and the link is here: The Favourites - Cheltenham download.

And if you don't buy or download it, well, I'm not going to be your friend anymore! ;o)

Cheltenham - The Favourites.

You know you want to ;o)