29 September 2010

Retail Therapy.

I have had three tooth abscesses in just over a month. Not caused by poor dental hygiene but by a horrible tooth that needs to be pulled. Unfortunately, that won't happen for another couple of weeks as I am unable to have it pulled at the dentist due to bleeding issues and problems with anaesthetic. Joy of joys.

So I cheered myself up and went shopping. I should not have looked at the New Look website because I knew full-well what would happen but never mind, it's all pretty and appeals to my slightly gothic side of style :o).

So, I bought this in wine/burgundy;

The same in black;

This in plum/purple;

And the same in black;

I love them all and can see myself wearing them to death as they are just my sort of thing.

Music-wise, I have re-discovered James and have an early album of theirs on loop on my mp3 player at the moment. No other word for them except 'brilliant'.

Current favourite track is the one below but I warn you now, it's a bit rude. Lol

21 September 2010

How Not To Impress A Woman.

Dear God, what is it with some men? Yes, I realise I am sounding like a bit of a man-hater lately but I'm not, I promise!

I was walking home from the yard earlier this evening, not looking all that glamorous as I was in jods, boots, a t-shirt with a dash of horse hair on it and 'hat hair' which means my hair squashed in a bun, flat to my head and just a general air of scruff about me.

So, the very last thing I'd expect to hear as I'm crossing the lights is a wolf-whistle. I turned to see who it was (I was the only one crossing the road at the time) and was confronted by a guy in his forties saying to me "Oi, gorgeous, give us a smile!".

I cannot imagine what prompted that comment because as I say, I was not looking swish. But really, if a man wants to impress me, shouting that at me as I am crossing the road is not the way to go about it!

I can only imagine he thinks that girls in riding gear equals dominatrix-type girls. If he'd actually approached me he'd have realised I had horse hair on my jods and t-shirt, slightly mucky boots and was carrying the distinct aroma of horse and that puts an altogether different, and unsexy, slant on things!

*rolls eyes*