14 August 2011

A New Beginning.

Things have moved on a lot in my life since I was last blogging regularly.

I have had just about the toughest year of my life mostly due to my own sister who decided to get involved with an absolute scumbag. This utter lowlife never liked me and when my sister packed her stuff and did a flit with this scumbag without paying me back the £100 she owed me, I text her to ask that she pay me back as I could not afford to write that amount of money off.
This resulted in her wonderful boyfriend starting up a six month campaign threatening that he knew where I kept my horse and where I walked the dogs so he'd be after me either with his sister to do me over or a can of petrol and a lighter.
His e
xact words were "you think you're so brave? Watch out because I know where you walk your dog and where you ride your horse and by the time I've finished with you, you'll barely be able to breathe, let alone walk and as for your face, nobody will want you again".
My sister's words to this were
"Yeah? What do you want me to do about it?".

I've written her out of my life and I won't be threatened like that. Sadly, I did have to get the police involved as there is only so much verbal abuse I will take and threats like that are actually quite scary when you know that the person making them has been had up in court for GBH and putting a man in hospital.
He threatened to let my horse out on to the
main road or slash her and as he knew the house and the dogs, to break in and cause untold damage.
I haven't heard anything from them for a good few months now and I hope it stays that way. I've sacrificed my relationship with my sister but she has changed and I don't want those sort of people in my life. If and when she sees the light with him, I will be civil to her but I will never again trust her or have too much to do with her.

I have moved in to a lovely new flat and found someone who actually treats me like a Princess. He calls when he says he will, is here when he says he will be and moves heaven and earth to see me as often as he can even though work and shiftwork dictates that it's sometimes not that easy. For somebody to travel 300 miles to see me, spend 24 hours with me and travel 300 miles back is dedication in my book. He makes me happy and I have a sneaking suspicion this one is for keeps. Most of the old insecurities have gone and he makes me a better person.

My brother who has had various problems with drug addiction and other issues has finally been diagnosed with something. Apparently, he is Bipolar. He has been receiving counselling and is a much better and nicer person than I have ever known him to be although he still has his difficult episodes.

I have gained another pet in the form of a house rabbit who is absolutely adorable. She is cheeky, trouble but very affectionate. According to my boyfriend, she reminds him of me!

The Red Setter has gone from a gangly and soppy pup to this:

This is one of my very favourite pictures of him because it shows exactly the sort of dog he is in his face :o). I adore him and he knows it!

And this is my lovely little rabbit :o).

I love this picture of her as it shows her inquisitve and cheeky little character :o)



cogidubnus said...

Love the rabbit...we've had one or two over the years, but somehow they never lasted so long as the cats and dogs...we've lost the last of the ducks since last we compared notes, and the two old dogs (old age)... we've currently a Jack Russel and five cats (though I suspect the latter are about to increase!)...Glad I'm not the only animal nutter round here!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

so good to hear you're doing well hun, as you know lots has happened to me too but with everything happening I havent had chance to update the blog! Glad the new man is a keeper and I think you're right about your sister, its sad but no reflection on you. x

cogidubnus said...

Oh my god...my next door neighbours are emigrating to Australia...

They have twelve cats, which they apparently can't take (though I thought they'd be able to take a couple with them).

Their daughter's taken two, their neighbour the other side's taken one, four others have gone for rehoming...we said that if we were really pushed we'd take a couple...and I thought that made US pretty nutty...seven cats...

When I got in tonight they were sitting in my lounge with the missus, discussing the forthcoming move...it was very civilised...they're giving us gratis their (higher spec than ours) computer (because they "can't take it, but it won't sell"...ok very kind under the circs...then they mention the cats name by name, so I ask casually "which one's are we taking then?"

Wish I hadn't asked...it appears the missus has (inadvertently she claims) agreed to take five...FIVE...BLOODY FIVE!

I love cats...I love most animals...but ten cats and a dog? It's just over seven years till I'm due to retire (the missus already has) - at this rate I simply won't be able to afford to!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi, she is lovely. Such a character, far more than people give them credit for! Awwww, I'm sorry to hear about the ducks and dogs :o(. That's the problem with animals, it's horribly sad when they go :o(.

I am terrible with animals. I have taken pity on a Miniature Shetland before now. He was utterly and totally wild, the only contact he'd have at first was to swing his hindquarters round to be scratched (very unnerving the first time he did it!) and slowly but surely he built up his trust in humans again (the first contact he'd ever had with a human was to be dragged in to a trailer by his ears) and turned out to be the perfect first pony for my baby sister (well, she was at the time only 2. She's now nearly 15!).

I know it shouldn't be funny but I am laughing at the 'acquired' cats :-D. Rather you than me! Although if I had a big enough house and garden I'd have two or three dogs, ducks, hens and numerous other animals :-O.

TRTMH; Thanks love :o). From what I read, it sounds like you are well on track and it's about time too! Glad things are looking up for you :o).
As for the new man, I really think he may be the one. Marriage and children has been discussed and all the lovely things are remaining lovely :o). I agree about my sister. It was a wrench and a rollercoaster of emotions when it all kicked off, from hurt to anger to frustration and back to hurt again. Thanks :o) xx

Carlito86 said...

Hey hun,

Glad to see you're back blogging. Sounds like an awful lot has gone on since you last wrote. Sorry to hear about your sister and the troubles you were having with her :(

Am pleased to hear about your brother being diagnosed with that as I know you've had a lot of probs with him and it can begin to explain some of the things that went on with him can't it.

Finally, lovely to hear about your new man!


cogidubnus said...

Erm...it's official...we're a ten cat family (and next door are well on their way to the land down under)... rwo days into massive cathood and they're just about settling into a strictly seggregated house...tomorrow we introduce the two parties of cats to each other...stand by for fireworks, soiled carpets and wrecked curtains!

Enough about us...where are you GND and how's tricks?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Carlito, thank you! So much has gone on, that isn't even the half of it and to be honest, I can compl;etely understand why some people decide to just start a new life somehwere else. I can quite understand how somebody could be driven to just upping sticks and disappearing.

Yes, an actual diagnosis explains a lot of the past behaviour he has shown and since he has been receiving treatment, he is a changed man.

As for the new man, he is rather lovely and very good to me. It's fair to say he treats me like a Princess which is a very unknown feeling for me :o).


Cogi, I know I shouldn't laugh. I really shouldn't but I am! :-D.
TEN cats?! What drugs were you taking at the time you said you'd have them?! :-P.
I am still here and I am fine. As you can tell by my latest post, I am in a happy place of corset ownership. Far far better than cat ownership! :-P :-D.