8 September 2011


My arty side is something that hasn't been seen on this blog. Considering I've been writing this blog for four years (four years!) now then I'm surprised that I haven't mentioned it properly as I draw a lot when I am in the right frame of mind to do so.

Although my flat isn't large, it does have a spacious living room that needs a few pictures to break up the starkness of the walls. I have settled on the Shabby Chic/Country Vintage style to decorate the flat in. Another post for another day will be all of my bargain finds for the flat on a tight budget, including a lovely etched vintage mirror on a chain for £2.99 from a local charity shop! As soon as I have batteries for my digital camera then my fellow girly bloggers will have some lovely pictures to look at here :o).
Anyway, back to the art.... As I am decorating in the vintage style then I quite liked the idea of a drawing of mine to go on one wall to add that personal touch. I don't profess to be the next big thing in the art world by any means, I draw for me because it makes me happy and I enjoy it. I have drawn pictures for friends before but am not good enough to make a living from it and find I need to be in a precise sort of mood to be able to allow the drawing to flow from my eyes, to my hands and down the pencil on to the paper. That is why it is purely a hobby.

However, this is the drawing I did for the living room and it is the first proper drawing I have done for a good year or so. Probably nearer two years. There are lots of little bits that I can see are wrong to my eye, mostly the shading on the underside of the neck that was difficult to get right as it was a very heavy shadow in the photograph and it really did look quite 'blocky' in the original photograph.

Having said that, I am pleased with the eyes, ears, muzzle and mane as they are all quite fiddly to do. Particularly the eyes as they are tend to be a big focus point of any drawing and the key to making a subject come alive on the paper :o).


It's no Stubbs but I am quite pleased with it all the same. Wanted to tweak the neck detail a bit more and the ears were difficult to get depth at the base without ruining the drawing completely. This wasn't helped by the fact that it was a foal I was drawing and this foal was halfway through shedding it's baby coat and growing it's adult coat so it was difficult to get the depth and shade of the fluffy and almost textureless baby coat to blend in with the smooth, short texture of the adult coat. I'm not sure that has made too much sense but hopefully you understand what I mean :o).

Constructive crticism is always welcome but please be gentle!

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Annette said...

I think thats great. Well done.