3 September 2011

Mine! All Mine!

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a terrible corset and lingerie addict. I don't have an underwear drawer, I have an underwear chest of drawers.... I refuse to wear cheap and nasty nylon-type underwear so a lot of it is silk or similar.

Regular readers will also know that almost since this blog began, I have been hankering after the Emerald Green corset pictured in my sidebar. The problem is, that particular corset was almost £400 and was a limited edition so it was out of my reach. I was very particular about the style I wanted, the shade of green and the fact it had to be a proper corset and not just simply a corset-style top that is useless when it comes to shaping your body. I wanted steel boning, a waist-tape and a heavy cotton-drill lining to help with the support and shaping I would get from it. It also had to be affordable.

Well, here it is :o). Finally, it is mine!

Front of my beautiful corset.


Back of my beautiful corset.


Picture of the inner lining, complete with modesty panels both front and back. I hate it when corsets don't have modesty panels. It just doesn't look right in my opinion. The waist tape provides additional support and shaping and gives strength on the pressure points of the material when the corset is laced up.


Detachable suspenders. I hate it when corsets come without the option to detach suspenders. I've had to cut them off before now and sew in a little loop to enable detachable ones to be added.


It is safe to say that I adore my new corset :o). I just have to find somewhere to wear it now and show it off! :o).


Annette said...

OMG, that is wonderful! I love it.I have always looked at that picture and I remember you saying about it at the time, I am so glad you have got it at long last.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Annette, it is truly lovely. As I said, not exactly the same one but as close as I am ever going to get on my budget and I am very happy with it. However, it is a real sod to lace up with only one pair of hands.
It should really be rolled in acid-free tissue paper (to keep the dust away and material protected) and put in a draw to store it but for the moment, it is hung up in my bedroom and I just admire it whenever I walk past it :o).

I know, I am a bit of a sad case but I don't really give a damn! :-D.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Oh that's beautiful <3.

Sadie xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

Sadie, thank you :o). I have to say, it is amazing. It certainly pulls me in and holds me up in all the right places. I love it and the colour really suits my skin and hair tone. I think it's safe to say I am totally in love with it! :-D.


cogidubnus said...

Oh good grief now I'm coming over all peculiar again...I seem to recall you did this to me once before...though it is a truly beautiful item of ahem....

Anonymous said...

Did you miss me?

It's TUPC by the way, just returning to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Ps. Loving the undies! X


Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi, that made me giggle! Sorry for making you feel all peculiar but I have to agree, it is very beautiful. I adore it. I ended up being invited out on Saturday evening so took the opportunity to wear it then and I got some very nice compliments. I ended up being bought a few drinks as well which was very kind :o).

I think I shall be wearing it out more often :-D.

TUPC! It hasn't been the same without you around here you know :o). Now I am back blogging, don't be a stranger.
You know you've done it now, I shall expect regular comments so you've no excuse for disappearing again! :-P :-D.
I hope all is well in the land of TUPC :o).
And yes, my corset is lovely. The only problem now is I've seen another I want to add to my collection :-O :-D.

dickiebo said...

As you well know, I have featured your corset as your 'link' on my blog ever since I first saw it. Now! I need to update. So please publish a photo of you wearing it. Thank you in advance.

Craziest Photo Collection said...

a smile for you....I love it..

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickiebo, there is little chance of me plastering myself all over this blog! If I can find a suitably anonymous picture of me in it then yes, you can update your link but if not then I'm afraid your link will have to remain as it is :-D.
I'm disappointed that you don't agree with me on how lovely it is though! Dickiebo, you are slacking :-D xx

Craziest Photo Collection, thank you :o). It feels as lovely to wear as it looks :o).

Anonymous said...

It's very lovely, but (and it's just a small but!) £400 could have bought you TWO custom made corsets from a professional corsetier.

Now I'm wondering if I should even have mentioned it ;)

Girl*Next*Door said...

Anonymous, I didn't pay £400 for this one ;o). This one was a lot less than £400 but still all the important bits of steel bones etc (it was just under a quarter of the price of the AP one). The one from Agent Provcateur, although lovely, was priced because of who it was made by rather than what it actually was :o).
I fell in love with the style though and sadly, cannot afford corsetier prices but I do aim to have one custom-made as I've heard they can't be beaten :o)