15 September 2011


For me to get anywhere from my flat I have to walk up a main-ish road. It's the main route in to and out of Gloucestershire. One way is in to town and the racecourse and beyond that, countryside and the other direction is out to Gloucestershire and beyond.

I was mooching along in my own world a bit last week and due to the time of day, the traffic was going at a bit of a snail's pace when all of a sudden, I became aware of a white van passing me. The reason I was so aware is because the man that was in the passenger side had his head looking at me as he was going past and as the van moved ahead of me, he swivelled his head so quick to look at me and smile that I am surprised it did not roll off his shoulders!

I know he was looking at me because I was the only one on the path at the time and the comment of "It's not often the front view matches up to a back view like that love!" as he stopped in the traffic gave it away somewhat.

I blushed. A lot. Even more so when I got to the crossing and who should be waiting at the lights but white van man himself with a smile and a wink as I checked the traffic had actually stopped.

I do not consider myself anything out of the ordinary. I have a nice figure and a nice face but nothing extraordinary but although this particular episode embarrassed me and made me laugh a bit, it also boosted my confidence slightly.
However, I don't know if this whole thing was down to the jeans I had on or whether this particular white van man was on his way to Specsavers ;o).

I have a friend who gets very offended at this sort of thing and sees it as men viewing women as objects. I don't have the same problem, so long as nothing offensive is said I consider it light-hearted fun.
It's a pity when I told her that she said I should have got the number from his van and reported him to his boss.
I am considering 'losing' this particular friend :-P. She needs to lighten up.

It made me laugh and brightened my afternoon a bit so I fail to see the problem :o).


JR said...

Glad you didn't report him. He was, albeit inelegantly, paying a compliment. It's this sort of gentle flirtation that makes the drudgery of every day life marginally more pleasant and gives everyone a bit of a lift.

It's a shame that some people can't accept this. It means that people, myself included, are put off a positive social interaction. Such compliments are genuine observations, often where the would-be recipient has obviously gone to an effort, but I never feel comfortable saying anything lest the girl in question thinks it's a cynical attempt to get her knickers off.

Shame really, hopefully society as a whole can grow up soon.

Annette said...

I agree with JR, it was a compliment actually, although I admit I would be embarrased as well, but I would have laughed about it too.
It does raise your confidence and I'm sure he doesn't need to go to specsavers! LOL

Girl*Next*Door said...

JR, exactly that. It was a compliment even though the delivery was somewhat cheeky.

I feel that feminism (as I think that is what it is) has gone too far. Of course it is wrong for a man to be crude towards a woman and vice-versa but gentle flirtation and cheeky comments are intended to be taken in the manner they were made; humorously and cheekily.
I do hope that there are more women out there who will react or think as I did rather than the types that are like my friend.

Annette, it was a compliment. I did grin to myself once I'd got over my blushes and it did raise my confidence a little.

cogidubnus said...

As a normal (or as normal as is possible!) red blooded male, just once in a while you see someone who really and truly appeals...and sometimes saying nothing just isn't an option...you just have to pay a compliment - and that's the "phwoar moment"...No matter how much it offends the more hardened feminists, provided the comment is genuinely well-meant and humorously put, I see no real harm...be complimented that a combination of just you and the outfit you've chosen truly appealed to someone - and don't be so surprised next time!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi, I actually can't stand full-on feminism as I think it does more harm than good. Women can be equals to men but there are some things that they will never be equal to them in and it just needs to be accepted.

This guy was genuinely humorous so I didn't see any problem at all but when I told my friend she was almost outraged and saw it as another example of women being seen as objects which I argued was the wrong view to hold. I did feel a bit of a spring in my step afterwards but it did surprise me because mostly, I wander round in my own world and when I am wearing nothing out of the ordinary compliments like that are never expected but it was nice of him to show his appreciation :o).