21 September 2011

Strike a Pose.


I have some great friends in my life. I like to be the sort of friend I'd want to have and seem to have had that repaid by having a small but brilliant group of friends. I am known amongst my friends for being a listener and someone who can be trusted with secrets which I think is a trust to be valued and also somebody who can be relied upon for favours if they are needed.

Friends who know me will know I will avoid the camera lens at all costs. I am not a wallflower by anyone's standards but I really don't like the blatant posing a camera demands a lot of the time. When one of my very best friend's approached me last week asking a 'favour' of me, I wanted to know what the favour involved because I am wary of saying an outright 'yes' to favours without knowing what they entail. My friend duly explained what the favour would be and what it would involve and I have to say, I am in two minds.

He is a photography student and is doing something on his course that demands a certain style of photograph and his idea was to ask me if I'd pose in some corsets and burlesque type wear. He knows I have some fab corsets because he's been out with friends with me when I've been wearing them. He also knows I have a few pairs of the lace-up Victorian style boots, two tailcoats, a couple of velvet jackets, everything bar a top hat (I am saving for one but they are expensive) and apparently he can get his hands on one of those.
It isn't often at all that I am a bit speechless but I was on this occasion. I was assured by him they would be tasteful shots in black and white or sepia tones and classy shots.

I have spoken to the boyfriend about this who doesn't have a problem with it if I want to do it but that's where the problem is because although on the one hand it would be nice to have some proper photos that are well taken, classy and just something different, on the other hand it means posing in front of a camera and a friend in what is essentially underwear because he wants to go for the whole Victorian Lady/Burlesque look of suspender knickers (black satin briefs with proper inch-wide suspender straps so nothing that will be see-through once a camera zooms in!) stockings, boots, corset, coat and top hat.
It's hard enough to get me in a birthday picture. He wants the whole get-up and this is where I begin to get jittery because wearing a corset out with jeans and boots is not like parading around in your knickers and heels in one.

I do like the idea but I just don't know how I'd switch off from a lense zooming in on me. Anyway, he is going to show me where he wants the pictures taken which will be a studio and one outside location (private thank goodness!).

I am debating at the moment as I still have some thinking time but I am not a model, in build or confidence really.

To give me a bit of courage he has emailed me some sample shots of the sort of look he wants to go for and these are the ones I was sent:

This one is okay. In shadow and not giving away too much.


This is also okay but not sure about the bum because these pictures will be going up in an exhibition at the college he is studying at.


This is borderline and I don't really have the length of leg she does either!


This is also quite nice. I particularly like the side-on shot though.


If I do say yes and agree to do it he will owe me a bottle each of Jack Daniels and Pimms.

The large sizes!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I've decided to comment, and I did try not to revert to type! ..... But I failed!

As much as you say they are classy, I find this kind of stuff far more alluring (?) and attractive than any other kind of images.... So I'm biased, but I say do it..... Then email them to me for some quality assurance!

What are friends for? X


Anonymous said...

Ps.. Off topic but, Casting my mind back to some of your old posts, I think you'd like Jem Cooke (on iTunes) - I think!
(just so you know it's really me) x

cogidubnus said...

Hon...it is of course totally up to you, but if these shots are truly representative, then I honestly don't think they're anything to worry over...In fact the one you're borderline about is probably the least provocative to the average male mind (which I think, or at least hope, I represent!).

Girl*Next*Door said...

TUPC, I suppose it can be alluring because it's more what it doesn't show but hints at.
I really like the idea of doing it because it's not like it's 'get them out for the lads' type photos. It's just the posing in front of a camera that is making me think twice but then again, you're only young once I suppose!
LOL at the quality assurance :-D. I'll ask my friend to check them over for quality seeing as he is the almost qualified one behind the lens :-P

I had a look at Jem Cooke and you thought right, she is very good isn't she :o).

Cogi, yep they are truly representative :o) He saw the look on my face when he mentioned it and hastily made it known there would be no full-on photos.
I suppose in a way it's me being a bit conservative because like I say, wearing a corset out with jeans and a jacket is totally different to wearing it with knickers and the fact I'm not great with photos anyway is just making me a bit undecided. Like I said above though, it might be nice to have some photos that are a bit different and could be left on display without raised eyebrows and rather sweetly of my friend, he thinks it would be good for me to have some pictures taken where it proves to me I can look okay in photos :o)

Anonymous said...

Spoilsport :-)


Reacher said...

I just linked here due to your banter on another blog. Think you should go for the classy shots. At least you can show your future kids and grandkids that you had it if you know what I mean. Still behaving.....

Girl*Next*Door said...

TUPC, I don't want to give you a heart attack at your age :-P

Reacher, thanks. I am warming to the idea and you're right, it certainly would be something to show the grandchildren :-D.

Mark said...

I love the idea as long as they suggest without showing!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Mark, they will only suggest at the very most. Absolutely no way is there going to be any 'show and tell' going on! :-D

Metcountymounty said...

Do it, although the idea of getting posed photos probably hasn't been appealing before just think of 10-20 years times, you'll probably be really proud of them, not many people can pull off the burlesque look!!

JR said...

GND, I agree with previous posters; the pictures you put up are very alluring, slightly suggestive but overwhelmingly classy. In my opinion, for what it's worth, you should go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and, if you find you enjoy it, you have opened up a whole new aspect of your personality.

If you're really shy about the camera then create a character for yourself so that when you're in front of the camera you are performing in character rather than you. Sounds a bit schizophrenic I know but it was a tip my dad (an actor) gave me for public speaking/interviews and generally, it works.

I don't blame you for being conservative; would say it's a quality but I can therefore understand your anxiety about showing so much of yourself.

Hope you come to a decision you're happy with soon.


Girl*Next*Door said...

MCM, true! I've decided to do it anyway. If I really don't feel happy then I can back out as he has someone else on standby if needed :o).

JR,I agree that they are classy. They're a world away from glamour shots or anything like that and more of the old-fashioned suggestive routines rather than show-all spreads that are around nowadays.
I had not thought at all of inventing a character. That is a very good idea! I've made the decision to go for it anyway. It's something to look back on in 50 years time when I am old and decrepit and asking people to guess how old I am :-P :-D.