24 October 2011


That's me. I've never followed the crowd when it comes to fashion, never followed the crowd with anything really. I'll wear what suits me whether it is in fashion or not and am known with friends to be quite experimental with clothes. One example stands out because I liked the idea of grey skinny jeans, ruffled white shirt and braces with boots and got loads of compliments on it for some reason. One being that I can definitely carry off the androgynous look but I'm not sure if that is good or bad! Apparently I do look very feminine so a mostly male look suits me as my features soften it up apparently. That comment confused me but I suppose it does kind of make sense.
I don't dress differently for attention and I don't do it to be 'outrageous'. I do it because I want to be different, I don't want to be another clone in clothes everyone else is wearing, I like to show imagination in my makeup and appearance and although day-to-day I wear clothes that I like but that aren't too different, when I go out for an evening in town I like to make the effort without looking like a slapper.

Anyway, regular readers will know I have a thing for corsets and the whole burlesque look. I think I was quite possibly born in the wrong century! I feel really drawn to the whole Victorian style of clothing with a modern twist.
I've been hankering after a top hat for ages and ages and ages. The boyfriend thinks it is hilarious that I'd even consider wearing one then he decided that as I was actually serious about it it was a bit strange but has admitted the ones I've tried on suit me. They've always been out of my price range as the proper silk top hats tend to go for around the £100 mark or thereabouts and I can't justify that amount of money on something that will only be worn in the Winter on the odd night out. It's just too much.

I was searching Ebay earlier on the off chance that there may be some reasonable priced ones that weren't damaged when I came across a wool felt one that is not too tall in it's shape and is brand new with a Buy It Now price of £23 including post.

I am finding it extremely hard to resist buying it! I think I will ask the boyfriend for an early Christmas present. Failing that, I will guilt trip him in to buying it being as he has been on deployment since August and has 'abandoned' me :-P ;-). This could work :-P.

21 October 2011

Knock Knock.

My morning was pretty normal this morning, up until the point I got out of the shower and put a towel on and heard a strange noise. I thought it might be the rabbit as she tends to thump her feet in her cage so I carried on with the towel and then stepped out in to the hall to be confronted by a man I've never seen before.

To say I jumped out of my skin is an understatement, particularly when he just stood there, smiled and asked how I was. The conversation then went like this:

GND: "Before I answer that, who are you and what are you doing in my flat?"

Man: "I'm from the letting agents and have come to do your quarterly rent check madam."

GND: This wasn't arranged with me and unless I have severe amnesia that has come on in the last three minutes, I also did not let you in to my home. Did you knock?"

Man: "Yes of course but I had no answer so I thought I'd just let myself in. You don't mind if I go through do you? It will only take five minutes.

GND: "Excuse me? Yes, I bloody well do mind if you go through! You are aware that it says in my contract that I am supposed to have 24 hours notice at the least before you come in here?"

Man: "Well yes but there was no answer on your phone and we did leave a message."

GND: "Did you really? Well how about I put my phone on loudspeaker and we'll see if you left a message. Well isn't that a surprise, no message from your or anyone at my letting agents in fact."

Man: "I am terribly sorry about that Miss GND. Perhaps we got the wrong number?"

GND: "Perhaps you did in which case do you not think it would have been wise to contact me by email or on my mobile number?"

Man: "So it's not okay for me to do the rent check then?"

GND: "Oddly enough, no! First off, I'm here on my own and don't appreciate finding strange men in my hallway* and secondly, you are bloody lucky that A. I am in a towel as living on my own and it being warm until recently, I don't bother that much and B. You didn't get attacked by something heavy and solid. Or have shampoo squirted in your face (at which point I cracked a grin and he laughed)."

Man: "Right. That's good. I think."

GND: "It would be if you hadn't broken my rights** as a tenant. By law you have to give me 24 hours notice so give me one good reason why on earth I shouldn't be on the phone to my landlord now complaining to him about the shoddy way in which the agency you work for is run.I'm not being funny but my boyfriend works irregular shifts. You could have walked in on far worse than you have (trauma enough it has to be said!). What if I'd still been in bed? Or walked in and found you randomly in my bedroom or living room?"

Man: "All I can say is I am very sorry and will be leaving now. Sorry to give you a fright and obviously we will be looking in to why you didn't receive a phonecall or email at the least."

He was genuinely apologetic but I will make it clear that although I'm not the paranoid and fearful type, it wasn't exactly a delight to be confronted in my hallway by a 6ft+ man who I'd never set eyes on before and who I didn't expect to be there. I did phone my landlord who was mightily peeved and also made a complaint to the letting agents.

It may be a bit precious but the other point is, I don't want somebody walking around my home when I'm not there. Regardless of whether I own or rent my flat it is still my home and the fact that somebody may go tramping around when I'm not there is not really a very nice thought.

As a friend said "You might walk in to find him trying on your underwear and stockings for size!" to which my reply was "If I walked in and found that the very least of his worries would be him losing his job. His chances of reproducing in the future would be drastically lowered, if not impossible."

One last thing, it is very difficult indeed to attempt the moral high ground when wearing only a towel, hair that is dripping on to the carpet, no make up at all and being the height of the average hobbit but I am proud to say I managed it!

*Unless they are good looking. Or Gerard Butler in which case it is then absolutely fine :-P.
**I don't scream the 'I have rights you know!' line very often at all but having somebody waltz in to my home unanounced is one of those rare occasions I will and rightly so I think.

I am listening to this today and I love it.
Weird video but great track.
Goldfrapp - Number 1

20 October 2011

Bag Lady.

Although I look petite and quite fragile I am much stronger than I look. Handling horses and all that goes with them and a hormonal dog daily ensures that my strength is kept up to a reasonable degree so I generally manage shopping bags quite well.

As the boyfriend is away at the moment I have three choices to do my food shopping:

1. Go with my parents. This isn't really an option as my mum operates the shop like a military operation and flies in and out in about 30 minutes flat whereas I like to look around a little bit so usually spend an hour doing a weekly shop.

2. Home delivery. Not an option really, it's too expensive and I hate using the websites where the products seem to be grouped all together in totally unrelated categories and then when they deliver, I end up with most of my order being 'substitued' with stuff that is not even remotely like the original item I ordered.

3. Bus it to the nearest big supermarket or walk to the nearest mini-supermarket. I do this option most regularly and as I am on my own and have the appetite of a small bird, I usually buy a couple of items every few days to save on wastage and rather than carrying (and using) plastic bags I use my own Alice In Wonderland/Queen Of Hearts print fabric shoulder bag :-D.

I was walking home earlier when suddenly this guy that I have seen around my area a few times and exchanged smiles with appeared by the side of me and asked if I was okay. I said yes I was thanks when he replied that I looked like I could do with a hand having my bag carried. It was very nice of him but I explained that I didn't have much further to go and my bag looked heavier than it was due to the shape. Anyway, he was quite insistent that he didn't mind walking me to my door at my block of flats as his bus was in every ten minutes so it was no big deal to wait for the next one. I politely refused as it wouldn't really have been fair to put him out of his way when I wasn't really struggling but did let him know what a nice offer it was :o).

It is very nice to know that there are still gentlemen in the world and that chivalry is not yet dead :o).

18 October 2011

Oh Bugger.

Hmmm. I went to see my consultant earlier as a result of a GP referral. After having X-Rays taken of my right ankle I believe the official term is 'fucked'. According to my consultant the problem has not improved with physiotherapy and has in fact got worse. 'The problem' being that my right ankle very helpfully turns in due to old issues with my hips, it is now past the point of preventative measures and on to operation territory. I won't lie, this doesn't fill me with anything other than cold leaden dread in the pit of my stomach because as the consultant so helpfully described (and what I already knew but was blanking) is that my ankle will have to be broken and pinned to get it set back to how it should be.

I am concerned on many levels and they are listed here:

1. How long until I can wear my heels again? At my height (lack of at just under 5ft!) I need every bit of height I can get.

2. There is no question of whether it will hurt. I know it will. I don't do pain that well, not when it involves flesh, metal and blood.

3. Last time I went under aneasthetic I nearly flew off this mortal coil to collect my wings and halo. I've been told aneasthetic and me do not mix well at all and as a result of that near-death experience, the last operation was covered by the top aneasthetist in the area who had cleared her entire day just in case my body decided to throw a hissy-fit again. There's never any promises that this won't happen again, only that they can lessen the chances. This scares me quite a lot.

4. No riding. No dog walking. No clubbing. No going out with friends. No fun basically.

5. I don't want to think about banging a massive metal frame with pins in on doorways or anything like that. The thought makes me feel physically sick.

6. Do metal pins and the like come in metallic purple? I would be very happy if they did! If not I may have to break out the spray paints or nail varnish ;o).

7. What if it doesn't work and my ankle gets worse or doesn't improve?

I don't know when this operation is going to happen or whether they will change their minds but I am doing the ostrich impression of burying my head in the sand (but not with my arse in the air!) and going about day-to-day life as if it isn't actually going to happen becuase I am a wimp. If I think about it I will be heading to the nearest port and stowing away to some far-flung land where the only living things are horses and Gerard Butler lookalikes, where corsets grow on trees, and where various alcohol is free. It would also be good if there is a magic wand that could actually solve most problems painlessly.

I am a wimp and I am not ashamed to admit it!

On a brighter note, this is Snow Patrol's latest release and I love it :o)
And this, which never fails to put a smile on my face or cheer me up, Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill.

I haven't actually told the boyfriend yet. He is away on deployment at the moment and I don't think he needs to be worrying about something that is a little while away. When he comes back he will be like a mother hen and as much as I try to be thankful, I do feel sometimes like he is trying to wrap me in cotton wool so it's best he doesn't know for now :o).

16 October 2011


I have a fridge magnet with a fox on it that says "Lead me not in to temptation, I can find the way myself!" and it is actually very true of me. I have the attention-span of a drunk gnat sometimes and although somebody could walk up to me and dangle the most expensive designer shoes in front of me and the matching handbag and get barely a glance from me, if they walked up with a corset in one hand a pair of lace up boots in the other I would jump them for both and you would not see me for dust! The same goes for pretty lingerie.

So really, it was asking too much to expect me to ignore a Corset newsletter I got last week that pictured this beautiful item:


It is even more stunning up close than it is in the photograph and even better, it is a 20" waist size. For those not in the know, this doesn't mean my actual waist is 20", this means that my actual waist is a 24" because corsets do not go by your natural waist size otherwise there would be nothing for them to hold.

The other temptation came in the form of these boots:


Mine are different in that they are all leather and don't have the bow on the side but the overall style is the same. My boots have ribbon laces though which is nicer too :o).
I am going out next weekend and plan on wearing both the corset and the boots (although not on their own, obviously!)

As far as I know, the boyfriend has stopped reading my blog. If he was lying then I have this to say: It's okay, I'm happy to live on toast and soup for the next week. What I've got now is far better!

12 October 2011


I am a bit puzzled. I was out walking the dog (the Red Setter) the other day and because of the way the road to the park is laid out, I was walking with the flow of the traffic (obviously the dog and I were on the path). He does have a habit of misbehaving sometimes because he likes to get his own way and I don't allow him to. It's like handling a small horse. He prefers to try and charge on ahead and because I won't let him, he will sometimes fling himself around on the end of the lead, rear up and generally be a pain. He's a lot better now as he has got past the bolshy adolescent stage.

I was walking him to the park the other day and for a change, he was behaving pretty well. No pulling or arsing about and generally just being a good boy. The next thing I know I have a police car stop at the side of me and one of the policemen wave to me to stop me (I had my mp3 player on). I stop and walk over to the car wondering what on earth they have stopped me for and ask if everything is okay.

The policeman in the passenger seat replied and said "Everything's fine. We were just wondering if you were all right with him?"

I said everything was fine and that the dog was fine too.

The policeman in the driving seat then asks "You're not having any trouble then?"

At this point I am beginning to get mightily confused so just say that as he was walking fine on his lead and was behaving, did it honestly look like I was struggling?

It then occurs to me that maybe they think I have stolen him so I ask them if that is the case and get the reply from both "No, no not at all. We see you out a lot with him and just wanted to make sure you were alright and it looks like you are so we'll make a move now. Enjoy your walk".

After thanking them and saying bye they left and that was that.

I am still mightily puzzled as to why they stopped though. They were both really nice and pleasant (and truth be told not bad to look at either!) so it wasn't annoying, just a bit strange.

The dog embarrassed me by trying to climb in to their police car though. He decided that he'd make the most of saying hello and planted both his front paws on the passenger door.
They drove off with two muddy pawprints on their passenger door *blush*.

10 October 2011

Always Funny.

This never gets old for me. I just wish they hadn't bleeped out the slightly naughty bits because it ruins it somewhat, it never used to be bleeped and they've also shortened it. Rubbish!
Some of my readers who've been here since the early days may remember me blogging this before but it's one of those gems that's always good to hear again :o).


I am always found with my mp3 player not far from my side, it is either in my bag or in my pocket or even in my hand. Just lately a particular has been a real favourite of mine, it was a favourite from the second I first heard it but it is now a love.

Gary Lightbody's voice is magic. I would marry him just so he could sing to me on demand!
For those who don't know, he is the singer in Snow Patrol but not long ago set up a sort of off-shoot band called Tired Pony. Collaborations included Zooey Deschanel, Micheal Stipe and Tom Smith. The fact Gary Lightbody is capable of songwriting, singing his own songs and playing his own instruments live makes a refreshing change to most of todays 'music' (and I use that term very loosely indeed there!)

This is the track that has recently become a love. It's called Get On The Road. The album version has Zooey Deschanel singing but this live version features the lovely Lisa Hannigan.
I love how the music just flows and how their voices go together so well despite being so different.

I think this particular part says such a lot too.

"A kiss like a fight that neither wins
One tender payment for our sins
You are the drug that I can't quit
Your perfect chaos is a perfect fit"

6 October 2011

Corset Love.

I have a lot of corset love going on lately. It was my birthday not long ago and I was bought a lovely bodice/corset from Madame V. It's not suitable for outerwear due to the cups and the fact it clearly is underwear but it looks great underneath tops that are slightly sheer or underneath clothing that demands a smooth line.

This is the one that I was bought:


Back view:


I have the matching knickers to it and it is wonderfully girly and feminine. It's also really comfortable to wear and just looks very girly.

I counted my corsets the other day and have worked out that I have six steel boned ones. I will wear plastic boned ones but they're really only corset tops and don't give anywhere near the shape and control that proper steel bones will. I have my green steel boned corset that I blogged about last month, and these ones shown below:

My black one:


I love this one as it is short in the body so isn't too long for me when I sit down and it gives amazing shape and support. It's a fair weight as it is completely steel boned and lined with coutil for strength. It's actually more a tight-lacing corset but I'm not in to that as it is fairly uncomfortable.

My green one which is the same as the above but less shiny than this one. It's exactly the same style but a deep bottle green that is more like a taffeta material.


This is my purple one. Well I say it's mine but my one has less lace than this and is a slightly deeper purple. It also doesn't have the bows but is just edged with lace as a trim.


I also have this burgundy one which is fab as the bustline looks modest but puts everything where it should be with no fear of anything popping out!


And finally I have this cream one which looks very much like proper underwear but I have worn it out. It looks very good with a gold matte sequin bolero I have because it looks more 'outerwear' then and looks quite cute and sweet.


I adore my corsets. They are kept rolled up neatly in their own drawer and woe betide anyone who tries them on. Steel boned corsets mould to the wearer so it is not wise to loan them out as the bones will then be pushed in to all sorts of shapes.
Plus they cost me too much to risk them being destroyed or spoiled by careless people!

Now for my wishlist..... I genuinely feel these beautiful specimens would enrich my life and complete it :-D.

Purple velvet corset:


Midnight blue taffeta corset:


Burgundy Lalique corset. Stunning but almost £200 worth of corset. I will need to save very very hard indeed!


This Burleska corset I'm saving hard for. It is £90 but I feel it would be worth it just because it looks so lovely. I love the quirkiness of the bows on the side :o). The fit is appalling on the model but my green one above is a Burleska corset and they fit perfectly providing the right size is bought.


I usually wear my corsets with dark skinny jeans, lace up Victorian style boots and a velvet jacket or tailcoat but this skirt I have fallen in love with. It is very expensive at nearly £100 but it would be relatively simple for me to do the ribbon and and lacing myself as all it is is ribbon and D rings on the rear of the skirt. It would be nice to wear with a corset to smart occasions or celebrations.


On a slightly different note, I have recently fallen in love with La Senza and their 'Georgia' range. The bra is fantastic! Honestly, it is the most comfortable bra I've ever worn to the point I rarely wear any others now. It is comfortable but should actually be marketed as a boob job in a bra. My boobs are not massive but neither are they tiny (they used to be but it looks like I am one of life's late developers!) so this bra is my saviour. I am almost embarrassed to say I have it in 8 different colours.... But in my defence, the scarlet one I originally bought has been worn so much that it is now falling apart :o(. The silk on the cups is coming away from the actual cup so it's no longer wearable.
I highly recommend these bras to any ladies reading this and men too. Buy a set for your wife or girlfriend and they will love you forever :-D. It doesn't look much in the picture but seriously, it is a perfect bra.

My name is GND and I am a corset and lingerie addict. And proud to be so! :-D.
The only downside I can think of when wearing corsets is they are a sod to lace up on my own. If I was rich I'd employ somebody just to lace up my corsets which means I would no longer have to hook the laces over a door handle and slowly walk forward until the tension is right, then reach round and unhook them before tying them. The effort is well worth it but it is a pain in the backside.
I want to win the lottery, buy lots of corsets and employ my own corset lacer :-D.

4 October 2011

A Bit Of Posh.

That's what I got described as last week. By two people!
I don't consider myself posh at all, I just know how to behave in situations and talk correctly and I find I get a much better response from people when I speak to them nicely and correctly than others do when they speak like a chav.

My mother brought me up to show good manners, decorum and to behave like a lady and it has to be said, she thinks I should sip wine when I'm out rather than drink brandy on the rocks but never mind, worse things happen than me getting tipsy on brandy.

I have my moments of madness but believe that it's far more attractive to be on the slightly demure side than it is to have all my wares on display and oddly, it has been really noticed when my sister and I have been out on the town. Not so long ago we were both stopped by two guys and were told how good we looked and how nice it was to see two girls making the most of themselves whilst still managing to remain decent and show some class. Neither of us were wearing anything majorly outstanding but it was really nice to have that said to us.

When we were bought drinks by two guys one of them said to me "What's your real accent? You surely don't speak like that all the time? If you do then you are officially Posh Totty!" he didn't believe that A. I did and B. I couldn't really grasp what he meant when he thought the way I spoke was out of the ordinary. I did laugh at the Posh Totty comment though :-D.
He only believed me when my sister backed me up and said that I did speak in that way pretty much all the time. I did find it sad in a way that it seemed to be unusual for him to come across someone who used the English language correctly. He said that most people he came across were obsessed with the chavvy slang and dreaded 'txt spk' even in emails and on the telephone.

So back to what happened last week, the two instances were as follows and I feel the one is a bit of a backhanded compliment :-D.

I was at the yard last week and the farrier was visiting so there were a few of us in the yard having a chat and some banter when it came up about music and for some reason, the farrier piped up with "You ever heard that song by Scouting For Girls? Posh Girls it's called. I reckon that was based on you".

Now that may sound like a nice compliment and in a way it is but I know the song and the chorus and some of the lyrics are a bit 'Oh!' in places :-D.
I threatened to knock him off my Christmas card list if there were any more comments like that and all he could do was laugh and wink. I've a feeling I may be giving him a Tesco Value range Christmas card this year!

The second instance was when I was on Skype to the boyfriend.
We were talking and I must have said something in a particular way because he interrupted and said "You do talk well but bloody hell, you even talk posh on Skype. Say it again."
That just made me laugh, a lot.

I really don't consider myself to be 'posh' but it is nice to know that when I talk to people, I obnviously come across well. I have a love for the English language and refuse to desecrate it by using the dreaded 'txt spk' or lots of slang. Unfortunately I do sometimes swear but have been told even that sounds posh which I do not believe in the slightest as I hate it when I hear women swearing, it just seems to sound so much worse coming from a woman's mouth than it does a man's.

In my old job there was a comment made that actually made me blush but made me feel quite pleased at the same time. While I was in college I worked ad-hoc shifts for the student hostel I was staying in and part of that job was to answer the telephones and take payments over the phone from various parents paying room fees for their children. I answered the telephone one day and was chatting to this man while his payment was going through for his son when he said "This may be slightly inappropriate but I have to tell you before I go, you have the most fantastic accent and voice I've heard in a very long time. Don't take this the wrong way but you could do dangerous things to a man by speaking on the telephone like that".

I blushed an awful lot and giggled because I was slightly embarrassed but he was a nice guy and wasn't at all lechy or pervy so he obviously meant it as a compliment. He must have said something to his son because when he came back after the Summer break he said to me "My dad says next time he makes a payment, please can you answer the telephone to him" which again made me laugh.

My punctuation leaves a lot to be desired sometimes and I'm not word-perfect when it comes to some things but I do know my grammar and how to use words in the correct context when I speak most of the time and it really does make a huge difference to how you are perceived by people when you make the effort to speak correctly and properly.
I am a bit of a grammar fiend and will correct one or two close friends and my sisters but I obviously wouldn't dream of doing it to anybody else as that would be rude. It just seems a shame that we have a lovely language and wonderful words such as 'discombobulated' and 'flibbertigibbet' which are two of my favourite words ever and yet so many people seem to think 'innit' is a perfectly good response in a conversation and that does quite sadden me. I fully intend to bring up any children I have with a good grasp of the English language and if they ever use the word 'innnit' or 'reem' then I will lock them in the broom cupboard with a dictionary and orders to read it fully ;o) :-P

People also seem to assume that I am rich when they find out I have my own horse and ride. They are wrong and there is a well known saying in the horse world that is only too true!
"How do you make a small fortune from horses? Start with a large one!"
Oh so true! :-D