20 October 2011

Bag Lady.

Although I look petite and quite fragile I am much stronger than I look. Handling horses and all that goes with them and a hormonal dog daily ensures that my strength is kept up to a reasonable degree so I generally manage shopping bags quite well.

As the boyfriend is away at the moment I have three choices to do my food shopping:

1. Go with my parents. This isn't really an option as my mum operates the shop like a military operation and flies in and out in about 30 minutes flat whereas I like to look around a little bit so usually spend an hour doing a weekly shop.

2. Home delivery. Not an option really, it's too expensive and I hate using the websites where the products seem to be grouped all together in totally unrelated categories and then when they deliver, I end up with most of my order being 'substitued' with stuff that is not even remotely like the original item I ordered.

3. Bus it to the nearest big supermarket or walk to the nearest mini-supermarket. I do this option most regularly and as I am on my own and have the appetite of a small bird, I usually buy a couple of items every few days to save on wastage and rather than carrying (and using) plastic bags I use my own Alice In Wonderland/Queen Of Hearts print fabric shoulder bag :-D.

I was walking home earlier when suddenly this guy that I have seen around my area a few times and exchanged smiles with appeared by the side of me and asked if I was okay. I said yes I was thanks when he replied that I looked like I could do with a hand having my bag carried. It was very nice of him but I explained that I didn't have much further to go and my bag looked heavier than it was due to the shape. Anyway, he was quite insistent that he didn't mind walking me to my door at my block of flats as his bus was in every ten minutes so it was no big deal to wait for the next one. I politely refused as it wouldn't really have been fair to put him out of his way when I wasn't really struggling but did let him know what a nice offer it was :o).

It is very nice to know that there are still gentlemen in the world and that chivalry is not yet dead :o).


cogidubnus said...

No chivalry isn't dead yet GND, but beware the creep who just wants to know where you live!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi, Part of the reason I declined his offer too :-).