10 October 2011


I am always found with my mp3 player not far from my side, it is either in my bag or in my pocket or even in my hand. Just lately a particular has been a real favourite of mine, it was a favourite from the second I first heard it but it is now a love.

Gary Lightbody's voice is magic. I would marry him just so he could sing to me on demand!
For those who don't know, he is the singer in Snow Patrol but not long ago set up a sort of off-shoot band called Tired Pony. Collaborations included Zooey Deschanel, Micheal Stipe and Tom Smith. The fact Gary Lightbody is capable of songwriting, singing his own songs and playing his own instruments live makes a refreshing change to most of todays 'music' (and I use that term very loosely indeed there!)

This is the track that has recently become a love. It's called Get On The Road. The album version has Zooey Deschanel singing but this live version features the lovely Lisa Hannigan.
I love how the music just flows and how their voices go together so well despite being so different.

I think this particular part says such a lot too.

"A kiss like a fight that neither wins
One tender payment for our sins
You are the drug that I can't quit
Your perfect chaos is a perfect fit"

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