27 January 2012

One To Watch.

Emeli Sande is one to watch. It's not often I'm blown away by a voice or get a skip of the heartbeat at an artist's music or voice but with this lady's, I have.

This version of this song is going to be the song I have my first dance to at my wedding. I'm not getting married anytime soon, I'm not even considering it but when I do this is the song I will have my first dance to because it's exactly how I want to feel about the man I marry.

She has a beautiful depth to her voice and a terrifically soulful quality. To have a good voice is one thing, to have soul and feeling in a voice is another thing entirely. She has been nominated for the Breakthrough Artist Award at The Brits. I sincerely hope she wins it.

This is the original version of the song above. Much more upbeat and an anthem almost, the version above is pared back completely and very much the bare bones of the song.

Both are beautiful versions, just in very different ways.

This is a cover she has done of Coldplay's 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' which again is pure excellence. It's familiar and yet unfamiliar because she has completely spun it to suit her :-).

Her album is out on the 13/02/2012 and is called 'Our Version Of Events'. I have already preordered it and I really can't wait to hear the whole album.

16 January 2012

Oh Dear!

I have an old mobile phone. I am as clumsy as they come and my poor mobile phone has been dropped endlessly on concrete, had water spilled on it, been dropped from horseback height etc etc. It still miraculously works but this is why I won't have an expensive phone because I know it will break within five minutes of me having it. The only drawback with my trusty old mobile phone is the lack of memory so I regularly have to empty my inbox. My friend text me earlier on a new number to finish arranging a date for me to go and spend an afternoon with her and her horse and for me to ride him. He is a strapping 18hh ex-eventer, I'm very excited about riding him :-)
Unfortunately, rather than using my brains and saving her new number before I emptied my inbox I decided I'd jot her number down and text her back once I'd sorted my inbox out and then save it.

Bad idea! I text back on what I thought was the right number only to get a reply five minutes later from some poor guy saying "Errrr, I think you may have the wrong number? Never mind though, it sounds like 'he' is in for a good time and it's brightened up my Monday morning no end!!!! :-P"

I wasn't confused at this reply, I merely had a sinking feeling in my stomach because I know what was in the text I sent....

Wording of the text I sent: "Yes of course. Let me know when you're going to be calling in? I'll be in my kinky boots and whip at the ready because I want a good ride so tell him to behave or else.... *raised eyebrow and stern look* :-P"

Why kinky boots? Well, her (my friend) boyfriend decided to remark one day that her best riding boots look like kinky boots. None of us could see his point but since then the name 'kinky boots' has stuck for our riding boots as an 'in' joke.

On the slim chance it was you I sent the text to, I am very sorry but glad to have caused some amusement on a Monday morning in some random office or staff room!