23 July 2012

Domestic Goddess.

All of a sudden I've taken up baking and I love it. I've always liked it but having the time to do it and the space have been two things preventing me but now I'm back in to baking in a big way.

The problem is, I don't really eat much cake unless I have an attack of craving sweet things so I'm doing this baking and it's being eaten by only a couple of people because I don't really want to eat a lot of it. 

First try was a carrot cake which apparently was a huge success. My mum didn't believe that I'd baked it because it was really light and fluffy but all the nuts and bits and pieces were evenly distributed which considering I had to do the mix in two batches due to not having a mxing bowl large enough for the cake mix, was quite a miracle!

Then I was asked to do brownies which were okay but which I wouldn't really class as a success :-(. The tray I had was thinner than the recipe called for and so the brownies were thinner but I forgot to adjust the temperature of the oven accordingly so they burned slightly on the edges.

Brownie mix before going in the oven.

Brownie mis after coming out of the oven.

 Brownies served up. They look really burned here but they weren't! :-O :-D.

Please ignore my bitten fingernails and my swollen finger (after getting caught in the dog's lead and the dog deciding he'd like to attempt to break it for me :-/ ). This was a first attempt at Honeycomb Ice Cream. I don't think I like it, the recipe called for a pint of double cream as the base mix but I think it needs to be either half full fat milk and half double cream or just single cream because it's a bit too rich. This ice cream is actually pretty small and I think it's just the right amount considering how rich the mix is.
I'm going to try rum and raisin ice cream next :-).


 Tray of honeycomb ice cream. Only half of it has gone so far as you only need a single scoop of it really, it's nice but definitely something to have in small doses.

First attempt at millionaires shortbread. This was before the chocolate went on and it is the toffee/caramel mid-layer. The little brown specks are actually bits of toffee that formed in the pan despite me having it on as low a heat as possible and constantly stirring the mix. Thankfully, they're not noticeable now but it was a little thing that annoyed me :-).

 After chocolate had been poured on and had set. That corner that's missing? That wasn't me, that was a 'helper' that decided to 'taste test' while my back was turned!

Ready to eat. I need a pizza cutter to slice it next time because for some reason it crumbled up a bit.

Crumbly biscuit base which I think happened because it needed a little more butter. I followed the recipe to the letter but it's not quite like I expected it to be. However, somebody tested some for me and came out with the phrase "oh my God, it's like my mouth is having an orgasm!" which made me laugh and blush to be honest! I guess that means they're tasty :-).

I'm actually quite proud of how far I've come from my microwave exploding, pasty burning days.... ;-) :-D.
Next on the list is a banana loaf. Wish me luck! :-O.


cogidubnus said...

The Millionaires watsit looks like fun, but in general I go for the more savoury stuff...

It drives the missus mad when I go off on one about "little meat patties" (which is why I think my grandfather did same to my grandmother and my father to my mother respectively - family of wind-up merchants!)...

But if you were doing some nice meat pies, sausage rolls, sausage egg and onion flans or whatever :-)

Seriously, your cooking seems to be coming on a dream...it's something I think everyone (male or female) ought to be able to handle...(and yes, before you ask, I do a mean Sunday roast and Christmas Dinner for a dozen's no problem either...just so long as you can keep me off the brandy!)

All the best


cogidubnus said...
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JR said...

Cogidubnus, I agree. Cooking is something everyone should have at least a basic grasp of. I started learning when I was about 16; I was going off to Uni. and I decided it would be a good idea to be a little bit self-sufficient. I also heard that these mythical beasts called Girls liked a bloke that could cook. A successful dish or two later and I discovered I loved it. Now it ranks among my favourite hobbies. There's a sense of satisfaction in both eating something delicious you've created and seeing others enjoy it too.

GND congratulations, the dishes look delicious. Keep it up. Most importantly, enjoy the process and the consequent indulgence!


Anonymous said...
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