7 October 2012


I am a big Mumford & Sons fan, I think they're brilliant. I hate the churned out samey pop acts and always have done really and Mumford & Sons are the solar opposite of those manufactured acts.

Anyway, I knew that they'd be touring this year to coincide with the release of their new album, Babel. I really wanted tickets but knew that there was a high chance of them selling out so last week, once it was announced they were on sale, I was sat at my laptop feverishly hoping I'd get a ticket and I did! So on the 10th December I'll be going to see them perform in Manchester. I cannot wait! I don't very often get excited about a band but I can't wait to see them :-).

I love this track, it is my favourite by far and for reasons I won't go in to now, very relevant. I'm in a happy place at the moment and I'm made happier that I have one of the golden tickets to go and see them perform. After seeing the prices they're up for on Ebay I'm very glad I got a ticket! 


cogidubnus said...

For once you leave me speechless GND... I've not bothered listening to the track until tonight and wish now I'd done so much earlier...they're brilliant...and that's definitely folk rock in the grand tradition, and not Indie rock as some would tell you!

Thanks for the tip...

All the best


Girl*Next*Door said...

You've been missing out :-D. They're absolutely brilliant and one of the very very few bands who sound better live than they do recorded.

Lovers Eyes, Whispers In The Dark and I Will Wait are also very good :-). Their first album, Sigh No More is good but I think Babel is more polished and has more depth :-).
They've taken their time over it and it's more than paid off :-).