9 January 2013

Green Eyed Monsters.

Ahhhh what is it with some people? All I do lately is moan on here but it's better to do it here than it is to bend my poor friend's ears. 

A couple of weeks ago I was down South and I'd had a couple of texts from somebody I'd call a 'mate'. Somebody I get on with and like but not somebody I'd consider a close friend. Anyway, he had text a couple of times asking how things were, how I was etc and said that when I was next down South, he might have some spare time so would I like to meet up for coffee for a catch-up. I said that yes, if his spare time coincided with mine then we could do that but to let me know what was going on as when I head South, I tend to have stuff loosely planned.
He text me on the Tuesday to say about coffee but by Friday, he hadn't confirmed whether that Saturday or Sunday would be free so I just assumed that he wasn't free and I'd hear from him in due course. I text him on the Friday afternoon to say I was around that weekend but not the whole weekend so to let me know. 
By Saturday I hadn't heard anything so assumed he was busy and carried on with my plans of horses, riding, family etc. I was at the yard on the Saturday mid-day and got a text from him asking if I was free that afternoon for coffee. I replied that sorry, I wasn't because I'd made plans to ride, be at the stables and catch up by going out riding with some friends.

The reply from him? "Oh, okay. Well I guess that's it then, if you'd rather spend time with a horse than me then it's c'est la vie I suppose. Good luck and fair well xx"

Seriously? What planet is he on? I haven't heard from him since and in case you're thinking this is some 16 year old boy, it's not. He is a 33 year old man (supposedly!). I know 4 year olds that would act more mature than that!

I could understand it if I'd cancelled on him at the last second or not replied to any texts or if he was a close friend but it was none of those things. It's been a few weeks now and I'm still quite flabbergasted by his reaction. 

Whoever heard such a thing, a supposedly mature man getting jealous of a horse! After my initial 'what on earth is he playing at?' reaction, I did find it quite amusing!

Music-wise, I really am liking this lady's voice right now :-).


cogidubnus said...

Oh dear...I don't know...you upper crust wurzel and champers types...you pay visits "down south" without bothering to inform us Silly Sussex types...then go doing silly worthless things like riding horses or enjoying yourself :-)

Don't know why we bother...how dare you have a good time? How VERY dare? ;o)

See, now you've been attacked by someone nearly twice HIS age and MORE than twice as silly!

Seriously though GND I don't understand what gets into people like that...why they feel the need to try to manipulate (which I'd guess is what he does in relationships).I've come up against it before - in females as well as males, found it repels more than attracts, and still don't get it...unless of course, in a proportion of cases it actually works!

Goes without saying you're better off without!

All the best as ever


Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogs, I was really shocked at his reaction. I haven't heard a word from him since and if he's like that to 'mates' (I say mate as I class a mate as a tier or two below a friend) then goodness only knows what he is like towards a partner.

As I say, I know children of pre-school age who would behave better than that. Definitely better off without but it's a bit sad for a grown man to behave like that.

As for Silly Sussex types, I have a friend that way, he's more than a bit silly but don't tell him I told you :-D xx.

cogidubnus said...

No he's living in Brighton which is a bit different - I know because I was born there and lived there for thirty years - and you don't fully develop the delightful Silly Sussex outlook until you up sticks and leave Brighton...

There's an old Sussex motto which defiantly expresses a small part of it: "We wunt be druv"...trust me...my (father's side) rural Sussex ancestry goes back at least as far as 1776 - probably further, and the three or four generations in Brighton are an unfortunate abberation!

All the very best