18 January 2013

Kind Offer....

When I'm down visiting my parents, I make the most of the time to go and see a lot of my horse and get in some riding. Because of where my parents live and where my horse is kept, it means me getting the train and then getting a bus from the train station to the yard so it requires a bit of planning and making sure I've got times right.

The other day I'd forgotten to draw cash out for my bus fare so had to stop at the cash point. Just because I needed to get on, there was of course a queue at the cash point. It wasn't worth me walking on to the next one as by the time I'd have got there, the queue would have been gone at the cash point I was at so I decided to wait. I'd been waiting a minute or so for the two ladies in front when I became aware of somebody behind me. Now, as I was on my way to the yard I was in my riding gear. It's nothing special and truth be told, carries the lingering odour of horse. I always get told by my boyfriend when he picks me up from the yard that I ''stink'' so like I say, nothing special. 
I turned slightly because the person behind me was stood quite close so I moved forward. By this point the two ladies in front had finished so I moved forward to sort out my card etc. I'd just finished drawing my cash out when the man behind me said "Nice day for riding. You can ride me anytime you like sweetheart".

Now I'm not being funny but that's completely inappropriate. I can take a joke and equally, I can give it back out but I don't take kindly to crude comments from people I don't know and have never seen before. 
I looked up and frowned slightly and he had a really leery grin on his face and that was it, a retort flashed in to my mind and I probably shouldn't have said it but then, why should I be spoken to like that and intimidated? So I flashed a smile back and replied with "Kind offer but the last thing I want between my legs is a weedy and under-muscled gelding. Bye." 
It did not go down well at all and I got called a bitch for my efforts. The fact I just smiled and walked off didn't go down too well either I don't think.

Did he honestly expect that I'd take kindly to that sort of comment? 

I'm quite pleased I had a flash of inspiration and managed a cutting reply rather than just walking off and letting him think he'd embarrassed me or intimidated me. 


JR said...

GND, What a reply! That's brilliant. I only wish I had been there to see it. I'm sure we're all guilty of having improper thoughts about attractive people we see but that's what one's internal monologue is for. Saying it out loud is a bit much. What next; will this lovely chap see fit to pinch the next girl's bottom?

As for your other half; glad to hear he passed his charm course with flying colours... even if you do smell!

How's the snow situation?


Girl*Next*Door said...

JR, it's not too often I get my brain in to gear to come back with a cutting reply so I'm glad on this occasion I did because he was pretty off-putting.
Everyone is guilty of thinking but as you say, you learn what's appropriate and what isn't as you get older.

As for the snow, it's uncomfortable. Particularly as I'm only down to help my parents move. I do not advise moving house when there's a good dollop of snow, not fun! Not fun at all! It's made moving furniture and boxes interesting to say the least :-O :-D xx.

cogidubnus said...

Nice one GND - reminds me of a very pretty, but generally quiet and shy Indian lady I used to work with...A seriously aged office lothario dropped in one day, very obviously letched her up and said (broad yorkshire) "Eeh sweetheart, where've you been all my life"...

She turned, smiled sweetly, and replied "Not born most of it George" and then turned back to her work...devastating!

By comparison, whatever you may've lacked in the quiet charm, you certainly supplied in the added punch though!

All the best


cogidubnus said...
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dickiebo said...

Tee hee. Nice one. Remind me not to say anything more about that thingamejig in your sidebar, cos I don't aim to tangle with you! lol