20 January 2013


I love this purely because it is so very true. 

At 19 I felt like an ugly duckling. If only I'd appreciated then what I do now when I look at photos, that actually there really wasn't that much wrong with me. Not nearly as much as I considered.

I worry but only to an extent, it changes nothing.

I've had people be very reckless with my heart so I always endeavour to look after others.

I try to forget insults but it rarely works.

I do miss my knees. The bionic ones are no comparison.

My one sister is my closest friend. She is my carbon copy personality wise, despite the fact she looks like a supermodel, I love her to pieces. When we fall out, we do it in spectacular style but we don't hold a grudge. We'll fall out, say our piece and then go back to normal conversation ten minutes later. She knows things about me I'd never trust anyone else with and likewise with her. She's my best friend.

Some of my very best friends are spread all over the UK. One in Northern Ireland, two in Scotland, one in Brighton and one in Hertfordshire. Those are my 'I'm really up shit creek, help me' friends. The kind I know I could call night or day and know they'd be there, whatever the problem. 

The words are very true. It's worth listening to.


cogidubnus said...

I'm sure you're every bit as beautiful as your sister - so much depends on perspective anyway...

Sunscreen's important, especially with auburn hair and fair skin, but not quite SO important in the UK, but from bitter experience I'd add steer clear of the ciggies and eat sensibly - that way you'll keep your teeth and your nice breath as well as a healthy heart!

All the best


cogidubnus said...

Hi again

This is strange...tonight in a fit of nostalgia I revisited a website I frequented back in 2007...you probably know the one I mean...concerned at that time only with literature and poetry...

I'd honestly forgotten that tenuous link between us...you wrote that stunningly beautiful piece of prose about riding...Totally physical, yet somehow sensuous without being overtly sexual...which totally blew me away at the time...and actually, now I re-read it, still does...I'd forgotten that...

And a couple of my own efforts were there too, (which with hindsight was a mistake, being outclassed)...

I honestly hope you do something with that talent of yours!

All the best