20 January 2013


I love this purely because it is so very true. 

At 19 I felt like an ugly duckling. If only I'd appreciated then what I do now when I look at photos, that actually there really wasn't that much wrong with me. Not nearly as much as I considered.

I worry but only to an extent, it changes nothing.

I've had people be very reckless with my heart so I always endeavour to look after others.

I try to forget insults but it rarely works.

I do miss my knees. The bionic ones are no comparison.

My one sister is my closest friend. She is my carbon copy personality wise, despite the fact she looks like a supermodel, I love her to pieces. When we fall out, we do it in spectacular style but we don't hold a grudge. We'll fall out, say our piece and then go back to normal conversation ten minutes later. She knows things about me I'd never trust anyone else with and likewise with her. She's my best friend.

Some of my very best friends are spread all over the UK. One in Northern Ireland, two in Scotland, one in Brighton and one in Hertfordshire. Those are my 'I'm really up shit creek, help me' friends. The kind I know I could call night or day and know they'd be there, whatever the problem. 

The words are very true. It's worth listening to.

18 January 2013

Kind Offer....

When I'm down visiting my parents, I make the most of the time to go and see a lot of my horse and get in some riding. Because of where my parents live and where my horse is kept, it means me getting the train and then getting a bus from the train station to the yard so it requires a bit of planning and making sure I've got times right.

The other day I'd forgotten to draw cash out for my bus fare so had to stop at the cash point. Just because I needed to get on, there was of course a queue at the cash point. It wasn't worth me walking on to the next one as by the time I'd have got there, the queue would have been gone at the cash point I was at so I decided to wait. I'd been waiting a minute or so for the two ladies in front when I became aware of somebody behind me. Now, as I was on my way to the yard I was in my riding gear. It's nothing special and truth be told, carries the lingering odour of horse. I always get told by my boyfriend when he picks me up from the yard that I ''stink'' so like I say, nothing special. 
I turned slightly because the person behind me was stood quite close so I moved forward. By this point the two ladies in front had finished so I moved forward to sort out my card etc. I'd just finished drawing my cash out when the man behind me said "Nice day for riding. You can ride me anytime you like sweetheart".

Now I'm not being funny but that's completely inappropriate. I can take a joke and equally, I can give it back out but I don't take kindly to crude comments from people I don't know and have never seen before. 
I looked up and frowned slightly and he had a really leery grin on his face and that was it, a retort flashed in to my mind and I probably shouldn't have said it but then, why should I be spoken to like that and intimidated? So I flashed a smile back and replied with "Kind offer but the last thing I want between my legs is a weedy and under-muscled gelding. Bye." 
It did not go down well at all and I got called a bitch for my efforts. The fact I just smiled and walked off didn't go down too well either I don't think.

Did he honestly expect that I'd take kindly to that sort of comment? 

I'm quite pleased I had a flash of inspiration and managed a cutting reply rather than just walking off and letting him think he'd embarrassed me or intimidated me. 

9 January 2013

Green Eyed Monsters.

Ahhhh what is it with some people? All I do lately is moan on here but it's better to do it here than it is to bend my poor friend's ears. 

A couple of weeks ago I was down South and I'd had a couple of texts from somebody I'd call a 'mate'. Somebody I get on with and like but not somebody I'd consider a close friend. Anyway, he had text a couple of times asking how things were, how I was etc and said that when I was next down South, he might have some spare time so would I like to meet up for coffee for a catch-up. I said that yes, if his spare time coincided with mine then we could do that but to let me know what was going on as when I head South, I tend to have stuff loosely planned.
He text me on the Tuesday to say about coffee but by Friday, he hadn't confirmed whether that Saturday or Sunday would be free so I just assumed that he wasn't free and I'd hear from him in due course. I text him on the Friday afternoon to say I was around that weekend but not the whole weekend so to let me know. 
By Saturday I hadn't heard anything so assumed he was busy and carried on with my plans of horses, riding, family etc. I was at the yard on the Saturday mid-day and got a text from him asking if I was free that afternoon for coffee. I replied that sorry, I wasn't because I'd made plans to ride, be at the stables and catch up by going out riding with some friends.

The reply from him? "Oh, okay. Well I guess that's it then, if you'd rather spend time with a horse than me then it's c'est la vie I suppose. Good luck and fair well xx"

Seriously? What planet is he on? I haven't heard from him since and in case you're thinking this is some 16 year old boy, it's not. He is a 33 year old man (supposedly!). I know 4 year olds that would act more mature than that!

I could understand it if I'd cancelled on him at the last second or not replied to any texts or if he was a close friend but it was none of those things. It's been a few weeks now and I'm still quite flabbergasted by his reaction. 

Whoever heard such a thing, a supposedly mature man getting jealous of a horse! After my initial 'what on earth is he playing at?' reaction, I did find it quite amusing!

Music-wise, I really am liking this lady's voice right now :-).